Star Wars Nail Inspirations!

Are you a fan of Star Wars? If you are, you’ll probably know that the new Star Wars movie is coming out, so why not get yourself ready for it by getting Star Wars inspired nails! Even if you aren’t a fan, you’ll fall in love with these designs anyway. These Star Wars nails ranges from cute to cool, but one thing’s for sure, the nail designs are definitely out of this world!

Done by: littlenailshop

How adorable would these Star Wars characters be on your nails? littlenailshop does these incredible and creative nail designs that looks exactly like your favourite Star Wars characters! With the attention to detail, you would definitely want to get this on your nails.

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If you love the galaxy far far away, you’ll definitely want to get this nail art. With the speckled stars on your nails, and even lightsabers, it’s sure to bring out that Star Wars geek in you!

Done by: nailattic

Glitter and Star Wars characters. What’s not to love? This nail art by nailattic uses a gradient purple to emulate the galaxy we know and love, and also included your favourite Star Wars character too!

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A Star Wars fanatic but don’t want your friends to find out how geeky you are? You can opt for the galaxy nail art, which is both subtle and trendy. You can never go wrong with this nail design!

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