Sweater Knit Nails For Winter!

Done by: @nailedyougood on Vanitee

OK, so we don’t have winter here. But who says we can’t embrace the holiday spirit? Deck your nails out in some festive ~vibes~ as Christmas draws near!

If you’ve been painting your nails at home regularly, this look is relatively simple to recreate. For those not so aesthetically-inclined, you can book an appointment with our manicurists on Vanitee instead.

Done by: @okanails on Vanitee

A tip when getting manicures: Choose complementary colours, and repeat colours are not neccessarily a bad thing! Just look at how the pink on the knit nail makes a reappearance in the triple-coloured nail.


Done by: @nailedyougood on Vanitee

Who said the knit pattern has to be vertical? I like how @nailedyougood has mixed it up, giving this manicure a fresh new look!

Done by: @vivanailsg on Vanitee

White is a classic colour choice that stirs up fond memories of sitting by the fire in a woolly sweater, a cup of hot chocolate in your hand. To be fair, I haven’t actually experienced this before but hey, white christmas and all!


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