Taylor Swift’s Hair Evolution Throughout the Years!

Taylor Swift is the master of reinvention, whether it’s through her music or even her style and look. In preparation of the release of Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation, here at Vanitee, we look back at some of Taylor’s hairstyles over the years, from her naturally curly-haired days back in 2006 to her edgy new look this year.

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Fresh-faced Taylor, who was just 16 going on 17, was embracing her naturally curly locks as she debut her first studio album. Back in high school, the country crooner hated her curly hair and often straightened it, but she soon embraced her natural hair and it became one of her signature hairstyles that many girls are yearning to get!

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At the 2008 Country Music Awards where she won the Horizon Award (a.k.a Best New Artist award), her hair stylist opened to give her hair that shiny texture to make her look like she’s glowing. Also, her fringe is smoothened out and her tight curls are also neater and more uniform.

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I mean, who could forget this VMA look when her speech was interrupted by Kanye? Also, the day when everyone fell in love with Taylor and her classy look. Her hair was tied into a low bun with loosely curled tendrils that made her look as gorgeous as ever.

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Opting for something very different from her usual curls, Taylor had sleek, straight hair with a choppy fringe which was a refreshing look to say the least. She was able to make more bold choices with her hair from that year on. You can check out Jin Hair Beauty  to get those baby highlights that Taylor is rocking too!

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Gone are her tight curls that used to be her signature look as she changed it up by getting loose waves instead. Her side swept hair and those big loose waves gave her that old Hollywood glamour. You can style your hair with colordeconfiadomakeup to get those gorgeous curls.

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With her Red album release, which was sonically different from her previous country albums, that calls for a change of hairstyle for Taylor. Her new look included soft waves and bangs, which made her look more demure. Of course, her girl-next-door look would not have been complete without her signature red lips.

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At The American Music Awards in 2013, Taylor decided to go for an edgier look, ditching her sweet, demure appearance she is often associated with. Her hairstylist teased her hair to give it more volume and a slightly messy do’ to give it that 80s vibe.

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Goodbye long tresses and hello short hair do’! This was the first time we’ve seen cut off her beloved long locks and opted for short hair that ends right above her shoulders. It was also the year she released her very first pop album, 1989. This career defining moment of her life definitely calls for a brand new look. She looked chic as she showed off her new bob, and working that curly and messy short do’ that only she can pull off.

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While she promoted her album and went on tour, she worked with various brands like Ked where she made her own line of shoes. Her fringe was fuller, and she played with her short do’, and had gone from straight short locks, to those subtle waves. Basically, she got everyone wanting to get her new look by showing how short hair can be fun too.

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With no new music other than I Don’t Want to Live Forever with Zayn Malik that year, it came as a shock when she totally changed up her look yet again by bleaching her hair platinum blonde and a much thinner and shorter do’. This was by far her craziest and boldest hair transformation yet. You can also get this short do’ with a great dye at Hair Identity!

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It’s hard to believe that it has been 11 years since her debut album came out, and she’s about to release her sixth studio album this year. She has since grown her hair to mid-length and her natural curls are back! There’s just something about this messy new look that makes her look like a rocker chic that we really like. The old Taylor may be dead but this new Taylor is ready to take the world by storm with her refreshing new look and sound.

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