That Orange Makeup Trend Koreans are Buzzing About

Do away with the pink and red for your makeup. It’s time to try orange! Especially since Koreans are obsessing over this colour right now. That orange hue on your face not only makes you look younger, it gives you that radiance too. Orange may seem like an odd colour to try at first, but after seeing these Korean stars and models rock that orange makeup look, you won’t go back to the ‘safe’ colours of makeup anytime soon.

Simply scroll through Jenn Im’s feed and you’ll see her with orange eyeshadow in almost every post.

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This eyeshadow which is a blend of both orange and pink would give you an easier transition into the orange makeup trend. Match this with a peach lip stick colour to give that girly touch.

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Done by: jnthemakeupartist

Take a cue from Yoon Eun Hye when trying the orange lipstick. Add some orange blush along with it to give your skin that natural glow. Alternatively, you can use other eyeshadow colours such as purple because orange lips matches with any eyeshadow colour!

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If you are not keen on trying full orange lips, you can always opt for Korean’s favourite gradient lip, which is more subtle.

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Done by: indulg3

Orange blush is especially good for those with warm skin tones, and when applied right, it’ll make your skin look healthier too. So give yourself a healthy glow by applying some orange blush and it can match with any eye makeup too!

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If you’re on board with the whole orange makeup trend, then it’s time to go all out with it. This means orange eyeshadow, blush and lips. If you are going heavy on the orange eyeshadow and lips, then go subtle on the orange blush to prevent it from making your skin look yellow.

If you are still unsure about how to do this orange makeup look right, you can always refer to our list of makeup artists who can fix it up for you!

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