The 4 Divine Hairstyles of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is arguably the most extraordinary movie I’ve seen in a long while for a various number of reasons. It’s breaking box office sales for the first 2 weeks proves that female-led and female-directed superhero movies can achieve as much success and are just as universally relatable. Phenomenal sales aside, Wonder Woman embodies strength, vulnerability and kindness – and sure fulfilled the expectations of those who’ve been championing a proper female-headed superhero movie.

If you, like me, are still not over how good Gal Gadot looks in Wonder Woman, read on for a breakdown of Diana Prince’s hairstyles!

1.Fishtail Braid



Spotted on Diana when she was still in Themiscyra, living among the Amazons. Braided hair seems to be the no-nonsense hairstyle of choice for the Amazons, as it securely holds all their hair up and provides the mobility that these female warriors required to kick ass.

Vanitee’s Alternative

The fishtail braid is relatively easy to put together, but this style is mainly for those with long hair. Try backcombing your roots for some volume before braiding up your hair for some volume at the crown!


Done by: @sherry on Vanitee

2. Side Bun



After changing out of her armour, Diana opted for a classy side bun with complete a black fedora and a military-like tweed jacket. This refined look was done to prepare Diana to speak to the ministers and blend in on the streets of London.

Vanitee’s Alternatives

Exude Diana’s sophistication with these variations of the side bun done by our Vanitee artists!

5337b0b09482a30b7db0edebac1e3d8c335dacbf.jpeg  651df1f0b2f17fb098e56de151b308a75ccb2040.jpeg

(UP) Done by: @hanpiemua on Vanitee, (DOWN) Done by: @princessweddingservices on Vanitee

3. Twisted Undo



Diana’s hair of choice when she glammed up for the gala. Wonder Woman makes a striking figure here with her satin blue dress, as she sets on her mission of killing Ares in absolute style and elegance, no less.

Vanitee’s Alternatives

These updos will never go out of style and are suitable for almost any formal event. They can be worn at your company’s annual Dinner and Dance, or even on your big day!


(UP) Done by: @princessweddingservices on Vanitee, (DOWN) Done by: @sherry on Vanitee

4. Long Wavy Hair



Last but not least, Wonder Woman’s signature wavy hair and gold tiara. This hairstyle is seen in all epic fight scenes in the movie, and is as fierce as it is graceful – much like the superhero Wonder Woman is.

Vanitee’s Alternative

Rock Wonder Woman’s iconic signature waves with varying nuances of highlights to really bring out the beauty of the curls!


(UP) Done by: @athenshair on Vanitee, (DOWN) Done by: @hartssalon on Vanitee


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