The Best Beauty Trends of 2017!

While some beauty trends of 2017 are rather questionable, some are not and might even be here to stay! As 2017 is coming to an end, why not celebrate by rounding up 5 of the best beauty trends 2017 has blessed us with throughout the year.

Mint crystals

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This trend has been going crazy in Korea. You can check out some of the stars that rocked this look here! But will this still be in trend in 2018? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

(Done by: Nailitup )

These mermaid seashell nails is just one of the many 3D nail art we have talked about that is not only creative, but exquisite too. You can see more of these nail designs here!


















(Done by: artbrow on Vanitee)

Hairline embroidery to help curb with your receding hairline? It’s no wonder this trend went viral in 2017. You can see why here!












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There’s no need for lip sticks or lip gloss once you’ve done lip embroidery. It seems like it’s actually better for your lips too. Find out more here.














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When our Korean idols cut their hair short and look great it in, it’s a sign that we should do the same as mentioned in our earlier article. Having short hair is much easier to maintain anyway, but we’ll see about that in 2018.

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