The Best Kept Secrets of Influencers

Xiaxue Beauty Housecall

1. Xiaxue (@xiaxue)

We all know Wendy as Xiaxue – the queen of blogosphere in Singapore.

Reading her blog is my guilty pleasure. You might be afraid of her cause she’s always so direct and straightforward. But that’s just her personality! Other than that, she’s a woman like any of us. We’re all vain and like to pamper ourselves with cute nails!

How does she get her nails fixed? How does she find time with Dash in tow? Trust me, a toddler sucks all your energy and you won’t have time to do all your beauty regime hahaha. I’m not even a mom but I know because my nephews and my niece need attention 24/7!!!!!

So.. housecall to the rescue duh?

Guess where?

Just a click on the Vanitee app and you can get your nails done at home!


Check out the close up of Wendy’s nails here!

2. Jessica (@tippytapp)

Jessica is the fashionista.

Sleek, minimalistic, chic. She’s also an entrepreneur, she started a new clothing label to translate her superb fashion sense to other girls (aka me) who wanna be as elegant and effortless her… But not quite there yet (aka me again and I probably will never reach her level). It’s not surprising that she’s always prepared for her choice of outfit when she’s invited to events, press releases, or for any night and day out.

But with her busy schedule as a blogger, fashionista, wife and a newly minted #girlboss, how does she get the rest of her look completed with ease?

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 6.41.08 PM
Jessica getting her makeup AND nails done at the same time!

IMG_8706Makeup by @kellwx

See what Jessica has to say about her #VaniteeExperience here!

Last check on the mirror, all ready to head out!

3. Rachel (@rchlwngxx)

We always see Rachel’s many sides shown on her Instagram (check out her post getting ready with us here). One Rachel, many looks – spunky or sweet? Sometimes I don’t know how does she find time to explore so many styles and look good in all? One way she does tho is by engaging a beauty team on Vanitee to prepare her for her night out with her besties!

Here’s how it went:

IMG_9847Getting her makeup and hair done before heading to the Cinderella Show @ RWS.

IMG_9851IMG_9863IMG_9859IMG_9881Instead of a manicure, you can get a pedicure too!

Hair and Makeup done! Who says you can’t engage a MUA for a casual night out!
(you think actresses do their own makeup? lolz)

With MUA @gabytan

See? It’s not so hard to always look as good as these ladies! There are no trade secrets.
All you have to do is surf, book and wait for the artist to appear at your doorstep! :)

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