The New Eyeliner Trend Everyone’s Been Talking About

You see them on the runway models and ads but what exactly is this trend and why is it trending? Well, this trend is known as the graphic eyeliner where you create shapes and lines using an eyeliner typically drawn outside of your eye line. Creative? Yup. Crazy? Definitely. Keen to try? If you’re bold enough to. Let these models and celebrities show you how it’s done.

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Done by: jnthemakeupartist

If you want to add that pop of colour to your makeup, why not add it on your eyeliner? To try this bold look, the rest of your makeup needs to look minimal in order for your colourful eyeliner to stand out. This look is fun, bold and definitely worth trying once in a lifetime at least! If you’re looking to try this look for your prom or your wedding day, you can contact jnthemakeupartist who is sure to make you look gorgeous with this quirky look!

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Photo Credits:

Tired of your usual winged eyeliner? Take cues from international model, Nicole Warne, and Korean pop star, CL, as they rock that graphic disconnected winged eyeliner that has looks unusually chic. It may look simple, but getting the perfect symmetry is key to making this look work!

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Done by: kellwx

This look is what we call “floating creases” as the eyeliner is drawn explicitly outside of your eyeliner while following the shape of it. These dramatic lines would not only make you stand out, it’ll get you looking fearless. If you have any performances or photo shoots that you have that requires vivid and bold makeup, you can try kellwx to get any makeup look that you want, including this eyeliner trend!

Check out Vanitee’s list of makeup artists to help you hop on this graphic eyeliner trend and make you look fantastic at the same time!

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