Housecall with Jamie Chua

Jamie Chua Beauty Housecall

A while back #teamvanitee headed out to a special place for a special shoot! It’s someone’s house.. Can you guess who?

She’s a hot mama. A socialite. An instagrammer. A beauty lover. An Hermes collector.

Got the hint yet?

It’s none other than Jamie Chua @ec24m!

IMG_7971We brought beauty artists to help Jamie perfect her beauty regime without having to step out of the house! Perfect for women like Jamie who are always on the go and treasures their rest time at home! No appointment to rush to, just book a service on Vanitee (remember to look for the housecall icon! That means the artist is able to come down to your house!) sit back, relax and wait for their arrival.

@anoivintl putting on lash extensions for Jamie! 

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.59.44 AM


“Today, I’m getting lash extensions done with @anoivintl, and I’m getting it done right on my couch!”

Who has time to keep changing mascaras every 3 months?

Time to discard those mascaras away and say hi to long luscious lashes!


Looking so glam while getting her mani done.


“Being impeccably groomed is really important to me, but I’m so busy I rarely have time to go to a salon. So I get the manicurist to come to me!”


@littlenailshop making sure there’s no chipping on her nails.

It’s a crime to not have perfectly polished nails!


“Here’s Rie and Sherry doing my makeup and hair just before I head out for tea.”

IMG_8119 (1)

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.00.28 AM

“I love that they can doll me up in the comfort of my dressing room.”

The power of housecalls:

1. It saves travel time

2. Get ready at the comfort of your own home

3. Let the professionals handle everything from top to toe

How to identify beauty artists who offer housecalls?

Artists with a housecall icon beside their profile means they offer housecall services!


How much are housecall charges?

Different beauty artists charge different prices.

– Some charge a flat rate from as low as $10

– Some charge according to the taxi fare to and fro

Under their info tab states the housecall charges. Remember to chat with the artists for more accurate information!


What’s the best thing? You only need to key in your address once!

With a click of a button you are all ready to book a housecall!


Vanitee is the ONLY platform which offers housecall services for nails, hair, makeup, brow and lash services!

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