The Ultimate Guide To Knowing What Brows To Get For Your Face

Brows have been having a hot moment, from Kardashian style arches on fleek to Cara Delevingne’s bushy and thick face framers, we all have our fan favourites.

Getting the perfect brow for you, however, depends largely on your face shape. Knowing your best brow shape can not only frame your eyes well – it can make you appear more youthful and help you get away with wearing less makeup (if you’re into that).

Before you book your next brow appointment, here’s a simple guide to getting the best brow styles for your face shape.



Square faces have angular jaw and hairlines and are approximately the same width and height. You can carry a brow with a strong arch and deeper eyebrow shade as it balances your strong angular features. Just remember to keep the arch round to avoid having too many harsh angles on your face, and soften your overall look.



Strong brows with a high and angular arches best compliment round face shapes. In simple terms, you want lines that are running more vertically along the face to create more facial dimension and length.


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Oval-faced femmes are extremely fortunate; you can hardly go wrong with your face shape. While you can feel free to experiment with all the latest styles, just keep the fundamental brow rules in mind:

1. The front of your brow should begin at the bridge of your nose. This point can be found by vertically holding a pencil or finger to either side of your nose bone (inner corners of your nostrils, not outer).

2. The arch of your eyebrows should be about two-thirds of the way out, any closer and you’ll be having rainbow arches.

3.The tail of your brow should end on an imaginary line that goes from the corner of the nose (outer corner where your nostril ends) to the outer corner of your eye. It can extend slightly further as long as the tail doesn’t end lower than where the head lies. And make sure your tails always taper to a point to lift your eyes!


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A long face shape is how it sounds—its shape and features are more vertically stretched. To break up the length, you can choose from both high or flatter, straighter arches; as long as the brows are extended horizontally.

To add horizontal length, be careful to make the arch fall further towards your eye’s outer corners and allow the tail of your brow to extend further past the corner of your eye. Just be careful to not let it drag too far as it could make your eyes appear droopy.



Finding the perfect brow to compliment your unique face shape can be rather tricky for heart-shaped faces. The focus of the face is already on the eye and forehead area, so tweaking your brows can appear OTT easily.

While bushy bold brows aren’t best for you, going pencil thin isn’t the way either. You’d want a straighter arch that just hugs the brow bone, and is neat and well plucked.

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