These Manicurists Draw Lines Straighter Than Your Ruler

People with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) may feel uncomfortable when they encounter objects that are misaligned or when something does not appear perfect. It causes a great distraction to them which they will only be satisfied until the ‘mistakes’ are corrected.

Drawing straight lines are something that we can barely handle on a piece of paper, let alone on such a tiny canvas. If you are a fan for the perfect manicure, here are some nailspiration to satisfy your craving for the flawless clean, straight lines.





Drawing a single line across the nail may look like the easiest nail art on Earth, but it is actually much trickier than you think. Stable hands are definitely needed to achieve that clean, sleek look.

Surely you don’t wish your nail art to turn out like this right?


1. Celine Lo (@nailsit on Vanitee)

Clean lines are smooth, crisp and have even, straight edges with a clear separation between the colours. With such intricate nail art created by Celine, I will definitely stare at my nails for hours. Honestly, when I saw this for the first time, I thought these were stickers!

Done by: @nailsit

2. Joleen (@dnailscafe on Vanitee)

Experience and the right techniques are definitely crucial in freehand drawings. I swear this was done 100% freehand with no ruler at all! Located in Maysprings (opposite Bukit Panjang LRT) with public access to their shop, be sure to check out Joleen’s steady hands.

Done by: @dnailscafe


3. Sharon Low (@thenailgallerybysharon on Vanitee)

A certified manicurist located a few minutes from Bukit Gombak MRT, those annoying sales talks and hard selling of packages will never happen because Sharon believes in the joy and satisfaction of her clients rather than racking up sales. To achieve perfect straight lines, one must use the right amount of paint on the brush to get the right thickness. Too much paint and you will get wobbly lines that are unsightly and messy. Check out Sharon’s dedication to this nail art set!

Done by: @thenailgallerybysharon


4. Viki (@miwaviki on Vanitee)

If you are into the minimalist style where less is more, this simple and clean design created by Viki lets you match your nails to your clothes with no effort at all. Located at Sin Ming Road, be sure to check out Viki’s work at Miwa – the highly raved nail salon in Singapore!

Done by: @miwaviki


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