Top 3 Hair Removal Specialists to go to for your next getaway

Going to the beach this CNY or Valentine’s Day? Well, then it’s time to look for a hair removal specialist that will make your skin look silky smooth at the beach! You don’t want your body looking’ hairy, do you? Vanitee’s has got you covered as we narrowed down the top 3 Vanitee Awards Hair Specialists in Singapore!

Done by: tinasbeauty

Waxing, threading, you name it, Tina’s Beauty has them all. It’s no wonder it’s the winner for Vanitee Awards 2017 Hair Removal category! Having received many positive reviews from its customers and Tina’s relevant work experience and qualifications, you’ll be rest assured that you can get a full body wax, with meticulous care for your skin, for your perfect beach getaway!

Done by: flarewellness

This hot favourite hair removal specialist is no surprise for making it to the top 3 once again in 2017 for the Vanitee Awards Hair Removal category. Having worked for 10 years in this industry, there is no doubt that Flare Wellness is experienced in what they do, and they do so using organic products. For their hair removal services, they use ‘sugaring’ which is actually less painful, and only pulls out your hair as compared to waxing which pulls on your skin. If you’re looking for a less painful experience of hair removal, this is your best option for sure!

Done by: beccasbeautique

Specialising in hair removal, this home-based hair removal service in Yishun is definitely one to look out for! For its waxing services, only quality wax is used which is suitable for customers with sensitive skin and those prone to allergic reactions. While it provides all kinds of waxing services, hygiene is in its top priority, making sure everything is properly sanitised before the customer comes. With its affordable prices, you can leave some of your savings for your beach getaway!

Check out Vanitee’s list of hair removal services to make you look flawless on the beach!

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