Top 3 SG Makeup Artists you should call for any Special Occasion!

Whether it’s for your wedding, your birthday party or the upcoming Chinese New Year visitings, these makeup artists are sure to make you look fantabulous for any special occasion!


Here’s our top 3 (and our Vanitee Award winners) makeup artists that you can find in Singapore who are guaranteed to make you look and feel beautiful:

Shuzen Moy, who uses high-end makeup products and soft brushes to ensure a high quality and top-notch service. The makeup artist, Shuzen Moy, believes that everyone has their own natural beauty and she highlights her customer’s features by using a natural makeup approach.

Done by: Shuzen Moy MUA

She puts the right amount of makeup to emphasise everyone’s unique features and at the same time, give them that natural, radiant glow. You can book her for any special occasion and you’re sure to look gorgeous!

One of our Vanitee Awards winner of 2016 has made it once again in the top 3 in 2017. Well, one of the reasons is most probably because of JN’s versatility. Her portfolio ranges from weddings to commercials and was even the makeup artist for some of Miss Singapore’s contestants in 2015, it’s no wonder this skilful makeup artist is a hot favourite.

Done by: jnthemakeupartist

She can give you that demure look for your special day or even that smokey eye look if you want to look more edgy! One thing’s for sure, you’ll definitely be in good hands.

Saving the best for the last and our Vanitee Award Winner for 2017 is Princess Wedding Services! Having started the company since year 2000, it’s no doubt that Princess Wedding Services provides top quality makeup services with their experienced makeup artists.

Done by: Princess Wedding Services

They have done mostly wedding makeup and even hair that makes every woman look divine, but feel free to contact them if you need them for any other special events. Afterall, they are sure to make you look like a princess for sure!

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