Top 4 Korean Beauty Trends!

Have you ever wanted to LOOK like Song Hye Kyo?
Are you OBSESSED with wanting to look Korean?
Have you ever thought of HOW you can achieve it?

Here are some of the all time favourite K-Beauty trends AND beauty artists (on Vanitee)
who can help work their magic on you! ✨

Dewy Skin


Will we ever move on from this trend? Obviously not! Dewy skin is a symbol of healthy skin
and who doesn’t want to look healthy? When I took Korean Airlines, all the stewardesses had super
dewy bright skin, even though their make up has probably be on for 10 hours in recycled air.
How did they do it?

For the glow that comes from within, you can try out:


(Brightening Facial $65) Vitamin C mask to brighten skin and give you the perfect glow.


(Vitamin C Bio Brightening Facial $68) Powerful Vit C essence helps to firm, lift and brighten skin!

With these facials, we’re sure you can have the bounciest and most dewy looking skin.
If you don’t have time to go for rejuvenating facials every other week, fake it till you make it!


Just like how Park Sora did it here – her skin is unbelievably bright and so so so dewy 😱

Highlight those cheekbones and make sure it blinds Mars:


Claire is an expert at Korean make up! Check out how she can fake your glow.

Here are some of her works:

Slack for iOS Upload-7.png

Slack for iOS Upload-2.png

Full Defined Brows


Defined brows are everything now. You don’t have to follow the straight brow trend blindly
because not everyone can pull off having thick straight brows but having the perfect brow shape
can instantly make your face look more awake and energised!

If you’re lazy or you’re not blessed with abundance of thick brow hairs, try out eyebrow embroidery!
The embroidery today is heavens apart from what tattooed eyebrows used to be.
They won’t turn blue or green – so fret not.


Eyebrow Embroidery Premium $688: Fix those missing gaps on your brows to achieve the full brow look!
The brow technician will design and customise each and every brow according to your preference,
a numbing cream will be applied and you won’t feel a pinch.



3D Embroidery $388: Each stroke will be drawn on with precision and you won’t even
suspect that those are not real brow hairs.


If you have commitment issues and like to change up your looks every other day,
it’s fun to try out what different brow shapes can work for you!
It’s just make up, it will come off at the end of the day.

Check out our MUA:


Gerra can change up your looks with her magic touch, see some of her transformations WITH defined brows:

Slack for iOS Upload-9.png Slack for iOS Upload-8.png
Slack for iOS Upload-6 Slack for iOS Upload-6.png

Natural Lashes


I’ve always believed that lashes are the most important part of my eyes because they open
them up like no other! When my lashes are prim and proper, fully fanned out,
I feel like I am ready to tackle the world.

Not everyone have long luscious lashes, but they can be easily fixed with some natural extension!


Lash Extension (Every Day Look) $60: Korean made lashes will be placed on your natural lashes
to enhance the length to define the shape of your eyes. Making sure you wake up with super bright eyes!




 3D Eyelash Extension $98: These single strand eyelash extension are lightweight
yet they will elongate your lashes without looking like you have heavy fake eyelash
extension on. Perfect for the natural Korean look!



You can even do lower lash extension now for a full dolly effect.. #iwokeuplikethis



Lower Lash Extension $30: Up to 40 single lashes will be gently placed along your lower lash lines
to achieve the dolly look. Don’t look down on lower lashes, they can open up your eyes even more!

Negative Space Nails


Simple but still able to catch people’s attention – introducing the negative space nails!
This trend is definitely staying for a long time and we’re not seeing it fade away just yet.
Check out some of our talented nailists who are able to nail (see the pun there)
these negative space nail art to up your nail game:


Slack for iOS Upload-5.png Slack for iOS Upload-6.png


Slack for iOS Upload.png
Slack for iOS Upload-1.png

So.. Are you ready to start getting questioned if you are a Korean? 😉

We will leave you with one last nailspiration:


Good luck!

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