Treat Yourself With These Luxurious Facials

Been so busy with work that you haven’t had time to properly mask and cleanse? Are you one of those who are bewildered by the Korean 10 step beauty routine because you barely have time for cleanser, much less double cleansing-toning-moisturiser-serum and who knows what else?

With the Great Singapore Sale coming up, what better time is there than now to treat yourself with a facial? Just imagine lying down to be pampered after spending the greater part of the day on your feet. It sounds pretty good to me if I say so myself!

Facials have been proven to significantly reduce stress and anxiety levels, as well as improve blood circulation in our bodies. This makes us look more healthy as opposed to sporting that shade of vampire.

Just for you ladies out there, I’ve sniffed out some facials you can purchase on the Vanitee app. These facials promise to rejuvenate and refresh your skin!

And we all know that when we’re paying more, we definitely aren’t compromising on quality.

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Tina’s Beauty (@tinasbeauty on Vanitee)

Located in Pasir Ris, Tina operates from a home-based salon. If you’re worried that there might not be privacy in a home salon, fret not. There are curtain partitions around every bed, ensuring that every customer can enjoy their facial in peace.


Done by: @tinasbeauty on Vanitee

Throughout the facial process, Tina frequently checks on you to see if you’re okay with the temperature, or if there’s anything you want.

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Just take a look at reviews from her satisfied customers:


I’m sure that after your facial, you’ll be as pleased with the service (not to mention the results) as these customers!

For a limited time only, Tina is having a promotion!

Vitamin C Biofacial Treatment ($68)

Everyone knows Vitamin C is good for our skin, and the facial promises to whiten and nourish our skin with antioxidants, preventing skin damage (something we all need in Singapore!). It brightens dull skin and helps with uneven skin tone, providing a dramatically noticeable glow to the skin.

Diamond Facial ($68)

The Diamond facial removes dead skin cells and helps repair aged and damaged sensitive skin. It is best done on mature skin, and works extra well if you have sensitive skin. The diamond scrub contains diamond ash, essential oils and various natural ingredients. After detoxification, a diamond gel is used for a face massage for skin tightening and anti-ageing. The last step in this would be a diamond mask, which contains diamond particles. It repairs sun damage and clears up suntanned skin.Image result for white rectangle

Oh, and did I mention that both facials come with free eyebrow threading?


W Face Spa (@wfacespasg on Vanitee)

If you’re looking for something along the lines of removing the spots on your face, W Face Spa has an Intensive Pigmentation Facial Treatment ($200) that can do just that. Pigmentation removal is something that’s better left to the professionals – if something went wrong while you were experimenting at home, you’d have to live with it forever.


Done by: @wfacespasg on Vanitee

Take a look at her glowing reviews:


The salon is located in Clark Quay, just next to Central. If you’re planning on a night out, why not drop by for a facial first!

Earth Spa (@earthspa on Vanitee)

Our skin is affected by many things: the sun, harsh weather, and our own skincare routines. As we grow older, these factors start having greater impact on how our skin ages.

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It is important to nip the problem in the bud, and it’s never too early to start on anti-aging creams. If you’ve already been there done that and are looking for something more, why not check out Earth Spa’s Oxygenating Treatment ($268)?


Done by: @earthspa on Vanitee

Without the right amount of oxygen, we will be more vulnerable to premature aging and other skin problems like decreased hydration and cell turnover rates. Oxygenation therapy helps to strengthen the skin’s elasticity and gets rid of acne-causing bacteria, as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

With the variety of facials targeted at different types of skin issues, there’s no reason to say “no” to an occasional reward from yourself, to yourself. Schedule your facial with Vanitee today!

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