Trendy Manicure Trends for This Summer


Summer is the time to embrace bold colours and experiment with new shades. Are you in the mood to change up your nail situation? These beautiful manicure designs will be the perfect complement to all those cute outfits you’re planning to wear.

Holographic Nails

Another season, another manicure trend to obsess over. Are holographic nails an entirely new trend? Of course not, since they are just iridescent polish with the dial turned up. We love how showstopping they are, plus they’re nowhere near as annoying to get off as glitter.

Done by: The Nail Gallery by Sharon

You can purchase hologram-effect polishes to transform your existing nail colours, but if you’re gonna go down the holographic route, you might as well go all out. We are obsessed with The Nail Gallery by Sharon and her impeccable skills! Make your manicure appointment here.

Pretty in Pastel

Pastels are perfect from spring to summer and will always be a recurring trend. These cotton candy, sunnier hues are the perfect companion to your summer wardrobe, and they just beg to be taken to a beach getaway!

Done by: Nina Nails

Add a cute nail art to tie it all together, or even add some sparkly adornments to make sure your nails are catching all the rays (and attention) they can! Nina Nails will not disappoint you with her array of top-notch Japanese products, and she aims to bring out an individual’s uniqueness, grit and grace through their fingertips. Make your appointment here!

The Blues

Nothing like some blue nails to remind you of the ocean, the beach, and of course summer itself. Even on those scorching days, you can keep your cool with these beautifully manicured nails, like an oasis on your fingertips and toes.

Done by: Cozy Nails

Add an accent to your nails to offset the vibrant blue, like what Cozy Nails did here. We love the unique shade of blue and how eye catching they are! Blues are especially striking against warm asian skin, and you should definitely give it a try! Make your appointment here.

Seashell nails

Can’t get away this summer? Why not put a piece of the beach onto your nails? We love 3D nail art, and there’s honestly no better time to rock seashell nails than right now. The trend that started in Japan has washed up onto Singapore shores, and we are so here for it!

Done by: Stelish Nails

What’s better than seashell nails? Iridescent seashell nails! We are absolutely in love with Stelish Nails’ rendition of it. For some of us, this might be as close to a mermaid as we’d ever get! So excuse me while I make my appointment for Stelish Nails to fulfil my mermaid dreams. Make your appointment right here!

Chrome Nails

Maybe colourful, holographic and iridescent nails are not your style and you prefer something edgier for the summer. Why not elevate your style with something chic, futuristic and unexpected – chrome nails. Just imagine them catching the sunlight and blinding everyone you see. Better yet, it will carry you seamlessly from summer to fall!

Done by: D’Nails Cafe

Chrome nails might look like a lot of hard work to achieve, and unless you have hours on your hand to dedicate to nailing it (unintended pun), you’ll be much better off in the hands of a professional. Think that going full chrome is too much? D’Nails Cafe can easily make them an accent instead! Make your appointment here.

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