Understanding The Eyelash Extension Hype

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Eyelash extensions are everywhere! Your friends in school, colleagues at work and even the auntie next door has it on. Instead of going through the hassle of painstakingly putting on false extensions everytime they head out, these eyelash extensions enthusiasts are having them on semi-permanently.

If you are keen on maintaining your daily beauty routine but work on a tight schedule with very little time to spare, this beauty trend might be your solution!

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Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length of your eyelashes, giving it a fuller and more thicker appearance. This allows you to automatically skip the step of applying mascara. What’s more, the intensified effect from these lashes allows you to put on lesser makeup and yet look amazing!

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These eyelashes are ordinarily made out of silk, mink or synthetic. Synthetic lashes are highly recommended by eyelash professionals, as they are less likely to break or bend out of shape. Additionally, they are known to give a dramatic and plumper effect.

All you have to do is to lay down and keep your eyes closed throughout the entire course. As the application of eyelashes does not have any direct contact with the skin on your eyelid, it reduces the chances of skin irritation of rashes. However, those with sensitive skin or who are allergic to glue should consult professionals first.

The entire process of putting on these falsies lasts approximately for 1 to 2 hours. To attain a much fuller look, opt for more strands per eye. Thickness and lengths of these lashes vary too, according to your individual preferences.

The longevity of these extensions depends on how well you take care of it – no rubbing your eye on tugging on the skin! Additionally, you should avoid using facial products that are oil-based, as they have the tendency to accelerate the wearing off glue-bonds. On average, these lashes lasts for about 3 to 4 weeks.

Style Tip:

Do not opt for a combination of the thickest and longest lashes. This adds excess weight to your eyelids and increases stress on your natural lashes, causing it to prematurely fall off.

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How to choose the right beauty salon for you:

Reading reviews and ensuring that salons with professionals high in experience and credential is important. Addtionally, you can take note of the hygiene and cleanliness of the salon before engaging in their services. Here are some of the reputable beauty salons we recommend:

  1. Lynn – Bukit Batok

Special Offer: 5D Volume Eyelash Extensions

Price: $118.00 $98.00

Click here to get the offer!

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Done by: Lynn

  1. Koiskin Lab – Toa Payoh

Special Offer: Eyelash Extensions (120 Lashes)

Price: $98.00

This service allows you to have a free touch-up within 1 week of having your lashes on. After 1 week, touch-ups are only at $28!

Click here to get this service!

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Done by: Koiskin Lab

  1. KC Lash – Tampines

Special Offer: Classic Lash

Price: $58.00

* This service, is a lash by lash application of classic lashes. These lashes allows you to have a more natural look. They also provide you with a complimentary removal and after-care kit. Grab this service here!

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Done by: KC Lash

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