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“There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither. ”
– Alan Cohen

We all know how tough it can be to simply take a break away from the hustle and bustle of our work in this ‘high-speed’ society, but take a break we must for a little goes a long way in recharging ourselves!

That is why, we thought it would be truly awesome to make it easy for everyone to pamper themselves at the most convenient place…


For real!

 Over the past few months we had so much fun popping by various offices such as Samsung, Zalora, Twitter, Paypal and banks such as OCBC and Citibank to provide grooming services for ladies and even the gentlemen!
Just look at the happy faces below:

At Twitter Singapore’s 1st Anniversary


Never thought you could take off your shoes to relax with a pedicure at work right? 😀


Best way to reward yourself after a long week at work – Masssaaaage!

At Samsung Wellness Day!


Ladies having fun with their nail colour selection (always the best part 😊 ) ! 

Pretty ladies with pretty nails!

At Zalora



We are super happy that this lady is super happy with her manicure! 💅

At Paypal


Brow grooming ain’t just for ladies, gentlemen can have manly neat brows too!


Our dedicated manicurist, Cindy from @thenailbutler making sure every stroke of the brush goes perfectly onto her client’s nail.

At Suntec Family Day


Happy customers with our cute Vanitee photo props!


Close up shot on the classic nails colour!


#relationshipgoals: Partner to pick colours together with you! 💑


This girls is such a sweetheart! Her eyes were glistening and she couldn’t stop smiling throughout the whole manicure session!

If you would like to inject some happiness in your office or events with these fun pampering services, simply write to us at [email protected], or fill up the form here to indicate your interest for Corporate bookings, and we’ll get you covered!

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