Vanitee Turns 2!


It’s that time of the year again – on 9th May 2017, Vanitee celebrated her 2nd birthday!

For this special occasion, we invited our artists and customers down to our Devonshire Road office to bring the Vanitee community closer through more quality time spent together.

The party kicked off at 5:30pm, with guests streaming in and partaking in friendly conversation.





Cakes? Checked. Prepared by BreadTalk, who have kindly provided us with cakes in four different flavors!




Crème Matcha was the scene stealer; this green tea chiffon cake was a popular choice for its generous amount of cream and topping. The chantilly cream, honey yuzu paste and sweetened red bean sweet base combination was well-balanced off by the bitter taste of matcha. A hint of greenery with every bite, the Crème Matcha was catered to just about any Matcha-lover out there.




This Chocolate Fudge Souffle definitely satisfied all chocolate-lovers out there to their heart’s content with its luxuriously moist and rich 55% of cocoa. With a soft and bouncy texture just like a souffle cake, every bite left behind a generous amount of chocolate and sweetness.




Mango Pop was irresistible with its tasty blend of mango jelly, mousse and cheese that came with a dash of pisstachio! This was perfect for our guests who love fruits and cheesecake. On top of a lightly sweet cheesecake, mango jelly and mousse, Mango Pop was topped with a round golden chocolate decoration, blueberries and raspberries.




And of course, like how a Little Black Dress is a classic to every event; the black forest cake is a timeless classic to every party. The Black Forest Dream was a generous combination of dark chocolate and dark sweet cherries. This detectable dark chocolate cake was the go-to for anyone on our very special day.




Drinks? Also checked. We quenched our post-meal thirst with Seed and Soil’s Pink Lava juice of Raspberry and Lemon, which was chock-full of zesty goodness! Seed and Soil believes in eating in an au-naturel way, without consuming dairy, refined flours and sweeteners. Freshly produced, this cold pressed juice was a refreshing drink that revitalized and improved our moods!




Following dinner, the Vanitee team brought our guests on an office tour, introducing them to our various departments. The guests got to know where we worked, and the tour ended off with them providing feedback on Vanitee and the service thus far on Post-It notes pasted on a board.




Our lovely host for the day, Jolyn, kicked off the game session with beauty-themed charades. Some words that we had to act out include ‘facelift’, ‘bronzer’ and ‘masseuse’.


Everyone, including the guys in the room, participated enthusiastically and awkwardly pulled off hilarious body motions. The charades were certainly the highlight event of our birthday party with how it brought about much laughter in the room.






Our photo booth was also very popular amongst our guests and staff too. On top of big wide smiles and hearty laughter, props such as quirky placards were used. The pleasant photo-taking session livened up the atmosphere in our already cheerful room.


The party drew to a close at 7:00pm, and guests got to leave with a curated beauty pack.

Once again, we would like to thank Breadtalk and Seed and Soil for providing us wonderful food and drinks that we enjoyed very much. We also would like to thank all our artists and customers for taking time out of their busy schedules and attend our birthday party.




Cheers to Vanitee turning 2 and we look forward to spreading and reaching out to beauty lovers out there in many more years to come!

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