4 inspiring women in 2016

4 inspiring women 2016

Yes We Can!

At Vanitee, we are the biggest champions of our beauty artists. Each and every one of these talented individuals are strong, inspiring women we want and should celebrate. Here are four of their stories.

The Hipster


Michelle Masri, 25 (@TheNailartasaurus)

How long have you been a nailist?

I’ve only been doing nails professionally for half a year, which was also about the time I joined Vanitee.
I’ve been doing nail art on myself and my mum for over a decade!
I started out using a tiny brush and acrylic paint, but I’ve since graduated to working with gel.
I’m a graphic designer by training so doodling and drawing is in my blood.

What is your favourite part of the job?

Creating the nail art! Whatever it is! I love a good challenge.
Also meeting new people, so far my customers are all really cool people and just awesome to talk to!



What are your favourite works?

Nail art is my life. Lately, I’ve been really into colour-changing nail colours.
It’s really cool, the colours change with the temperature so you can get really creative with the designs.

My work is also inspired by my travels. I fell in love with Hokusai’s Ukiyo-e masterpiece,
The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, which I saw on my recent trip to Japan.
So when I got back, I played around with it with other Japanese motifs and Swarovski crystals for one customer.
It turned out pretty great!


What is the most important quality in running your own business?

Patience and perseverance! Nothing amazing will come out by rushing into things.
I also realised that being sociable really helps too!
I treat my customers the way I want to be treated while having my nails done.

What are you dreams and how is Vanitee helping you towards them?

Someday, I’d love to have a shop, but I’m pretty happy working from home right now,
living my dream with Vanitee and doing what I truely love with so much flexibility.

The exposure I’ve gotten through Vanitee is awesome!
I have so many opportunities to meet new people, work events and share my passion for nail art with everyone.

Any memorable customer stories to share with us?

Just last month, I went to Google to do manicures. It’s so much fun! I love chatting with my customers.
In fact, I found out while doing nails for someone that we were living in London during the same time and
even went for the same
Imagine Dragons gig in Brixton! What serendipity!

Why book me on Vanitee?

Nail art is my forte! If you fancy your nails as a mini art gallery, I’ll make it happen.
Also, come hang out with my pet rabbit!


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The Veteran


Tiffany Tan, 33 (@TiffsFacial)

What is your inspiration behind providing facial services?

I live for seeing the look on my customers’ faces when they see marked improvements in their skin.
That hasn’t dimmed one bit in the last 9 years I’ve been an aesthetician.

What is your most memorable customer success story?

I remember one young customer who came to me with severe acne.
She was still in school and the acne was really putting a dampener on her self-esteem.
When I first started treating her skin, I once spent over 5 hours just carefully doing extractions on her face!
It took a while, but her complexion is wonderful now, and she’s also been with me for the last 4 years.
I’ve loved every step of our journey towards beautiful skin.

What is the most important quality in running your own business?

Service quality and sincerity in treating customers’ skin.

What is your dream and how is Vanitee helping you towards them?

Oh, I’m definitely looking to expand. My salon is about a year old.
Before that I worked out of home. Most of my customers have been with me for a long time,
so when I decided to expand and open a salon.

Eventually, I’d love to have chain of small shops around the island.
Not in posh places, but in friendly, accessible neighbourhoods so I can serve the Everywoman.
That’s why I love that Vanitee makes it easy for women to find me and that it offers fuss-free payments.
You shouldn’t have to feel stressed when you get a facial.

Why book me on Vanitee?

I have good knowledge of skin and I’ll give you a very thorough analysis so you know exactly how your skin is doing.
Oh, and I hate hard-selling, so don’t worry!





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The Fashionista


Sherry Yeo, 27 (@sherry)

How did you come about being a freelance makeup artist?

I studied fashion design at Parsons in New York, so I’ve always been interested in fashion and beauty.
In a stroke of good luck, I landed an internship with Oscar de la Renta,
so I had the opportunity of going behind the scenes at fashion shows.
It’s was such great exposure, and I loved the diversity of ethnicities among the models and
was amazed at how the makeup artists were able to recreate the same looks on different skin tones.
That got me hooked on the transformative powers of makeup.

How long have you been a freelance makeup artist?

I’ve been doing makeup ever since, and it’s been 3 years and counting.
I do mostly weddings, and I love seeing how happy my brides look once I’m done with their makeup.

What is the approach you take to providing services for your clients?

My style is about really enhancing your natural beauty, and that’s exactly what brides want –
to look like themselves, only the most radiant version.

Increasingly though, I get a lot of women asking for the Kpop look.
That’s great, but as a responsible makeup artist, I have to gently break it to some of them
that a brutally straight thick brow just isn’t flattering.

What is the most important quality in running your own business?

Customers’ experience and satisfaction is of utmost importance to my business.
I always remind myself to pay attention to details and strive for perfection.


What is your dream and how is Vanitee helping you towards them?

Getting my works recognised/published on magazines.
Publishing a book to share my knowledge about makeup and beauty to others.

I found Vanitee through a Facebook ad.
They offered free listings, and as a freelance makeup artist without a lot of resources, I thought, why not?
And so far, it’s been great! I get to reach out to more women and don’t just have to rely on word-of-mouth.
The bookings I’ve gotten from the app have really helped me build my portfolio and
I love reading the reviews from satisfied customers.

Why book me on Vanitee?

Don’t stress yourself out on your big day.
I’m there to take care of you and make you look as beautiful as you feel on the most important day of your life!



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The Teacher


Evelin Hung, 28 (@EveBeauty)

How did you come about being a lash technician?

I actually never imagined that I would become a lash technician,
I wasn’t even sure I was interested in lash extensions before that.
But for my 26th birthday, my friends took me to get my lashes done for the first time.
I wish I could say that it was a great experience and that ignited my interest in the craft, but it was just the opposite!
For the record, my lashes did look great, but the extensions hurt my eyes terribly and a lot of my lashes eventually fell out.

What is the approach you take to providing services for your clients?

I only want the best for my customers.
My 26th birthday experience got me interested in finding out more about what I could have done to protect my eyes.
One thing led to another, and I ended up going to Taiwan to attend a professional lash extension course.
Of course, I could have picked up the skills here, but I wanted to learn from the top lash technicians in the world,
and most of them are from Taiwan. That way, I would be able to deliver my best to my customers.

What is your dream and how is Vanitee helping you towards them?

When I first started, I was doing lashes on the side while holding down a regular job.
The early months were really challenging.
I would go to my customers’ homes after work and only return home after midnight.

So it was actually great that I discovered Vanitee.
I was probably one of the earliest beauty artists to join the platform.
That allowed me to quit my job and focus on my business full-time, right from my home.
I have 2 young children so opening a salon right now isn’t an option.
The app has been instrumental in helping me build my business.
I’ve gained so many new customers through it, and some have even become close friends!

What I really hope to do is teach, that’s why I got certified as an instructor last year.
It’s easy to learn to do lash extensions but it’s difficult to truly master it.
I want to help aspiring lash technicians develop their technique, and to ensure that they only use the best products, and
raise the overall standard of lash extensions here.
Not only that, I also want to educate women on how they can care for their extensions without hurting their eyes.
So everything from proper cleaning techniques to dealing with any sensitivities after each treatment.
Yes, that’s what I really want.

Why book me on Vanitee?

You’ll love what I can do for your lashes once you try it!


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