Oh so fickle at Three Blind Mice

Oh so fickle at 3 Blind Mice

What comes to your mind when you hear the 3 words Three blind mice? Do you think of the English nursery rhyme?

“Three blind mice. Three blind mice. See how they run. See how they run. They all run after the farmer’s wife, who cut off their tails with a carving knife, Did you ever see such a sight in your life, as three blind mice.”

Not for us! We think about our local Three Blind Mice! They organize fun and trendy fashion related events and have worked together with the biggest local online brands like Ohsofickle & The Tinsel Rack and popular bloggers like Tammy Tay & Melissa Koh!

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Last weekend (13th-14th June), we were super excited to be a part of TBM XX (pronounced as “AXE AXE”) which is TBM’s flagship event devoted to feature new online fashion brands as well as the other online brand! Vanitee’s manicurists Lynette, Katherine, Jenny, Cyndi, Ann & Candy came down to give these fashionable young people a fresh coat of polish! All of them brought their huge stash of nail polishes, it was insane!


People were streaming in even before the booth was set up!!!! Here are the first two lucky customers all excited for their manicure!

Here is Lynette with her happy customers and the lovely pink manicure! Pink seemed to be a very popular choice among the girls! (Not surprising!)

Jenny is very gentle and patient when it comes to her manicure service! :p

Vanitee’s manicurists looking very serious doing the manicure, aren’t they professional?

Thanks to Lynette, this girl has a fresh coat of red gel manicure!

Jenny suggested accent nail to her customer and here is the satisfied customer!

Here is Katherine again!

The manicurists were hard at work since the morning!! All of them even skipped their meal time just to squeeze in a manicure for the girls!


Did you know that nail art services are available too?! For an additional small sum, our manicurists are able to spontaneously customize nail art!!!

This nail art was done by Katherine!! Beautiful!

Thank you Jenny for staying later just to complete the manicure!!


We brought down a new batch of manicurists on the second day! The moment the flea started, they got down to work immediately!

This is Ann all serious doing the manicure! She has really high standards :p

& She is really friendly too ^^ It will be a joy if you get your nails done by her as she will share with you the latest nail tips and trends!

Candy joined Vanitee only very recently and she was really excited to go for her first event with Vanitee! We’re really glad she enjoyed herself!!!!

Taking good photos of their manicure is an art!

This is such a classy manicure! I spot a potential hand model here!

Not forgetting Cyndi! This is her second event together with us! Her first event was the Uber event! Thanks for being so supportive!

Happiness Guaranteed? FOR SURE! Just look how happy both Cyndi & her customers are! Manicures really do brighten up someones day!

Thanks to all our Vanitee manicurists, we were able to provide Non-Stop Professional manicure service!!
AND WE ARE DONE FOR BOTH DAYS!! Special thanks to Three Blind Mice for having us! The event was a great success! They were really accomodating and helpful throughout the entire event! Also, we are super proud of all our manicurists for providing so many manicures at the limited time! We hope you enjoyed yourself during the event because we most definitely did too!! THANK YOU!!

Here is me, signing off after a long but fruitful day at TBMXX together with Jenny‘s adorable daughter!




P.S: Please feel free to book any of the independent manicurists below, happiness guaranteed!









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