Zouk Summer Flea & Easy

Zouk Summer Flea and Easy Nail Art


What were our manicurists doing at Zouk?! Partying? Clubbing? Just kidding! I am pretty sure majority of you know about #ZoukFleaandEasy! It is one of the most unique flea markets in Singapore! Imagine going for a flea market located in one of the coolest club in Singapore! Zouk ranks number 7 out of the top 100 clubs in the world!!! Vanitee is super excited to be a part of this event.

On 14th June, together with three of Vanitee’s lovely manicurists Jennifer, Jenny and Cindy, Vanitee went down to Zouk all pumped up! Since ZouKiDisco was happening at the exact same time, we had a number of kids as their customers for today!!! Phew, since it was the June holidays, they were allowed to have painted nails.

This pair of sisters were super adorable! They wanted to be doing their nails together at the same time and they wanted the exact same colors!

All thanks to patient Jennifer who made it happen! Doing two little girls’ nails at the same time!

“Blame it on the sugar”? I am pretty sure it’s their fresh manicure that is making them smile :p “Blame it on the manicure”!

Our delightful manicurists were hard at work!

One look and you can tell that this is Jenny‘s hands! She is always so gentle and patient when she does manicure for her customers! *See below!!!!!*

Jenny is on #TeamVanitee! She was here for both fleas on Saturday and Sunday!

Here is Cindy with her satisfied customers!!!!

Since the table was too wide, our manicurists had to be standing and stretching forward most of the time!! :( But that definitely didn’t stop them from providing the best quality manicure service! Thank you for your determination! We are so lucky to have you on board with us!

Summertime? Fruits? Super cute Watermelon nail art done by Jenny!

Did you know that our Vanitee manicurists have their own exclusive name card with their promocode on it? Get a name card with your professional during our events to enjoy this promotion!

This is Cindy‘s customer and her name card!! Wow, look how shiny the customer’s nails are!

More kids were here to do their nails!

After many hours, our manicurists are finally done with all the customers at Zouk! :)

Here in Vanitee, we work hard and we have fun at the same time! Thank you snapple for the drinks (Non-alcoholic) at Zouk!

Here is a group photo of team Vanitee together with our manicurists signing off for yet another successful event here at Zouk! Thank Zouk for having us! We really enjoyed ourselves and we look forward to more collaborations in the future!



P.S: Please feel free to book any of the independent manicurists below, happiness guaranteed!




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