Vely Vely Has Arrived In Singapore + Find Out How You Can Win A Giveaway Worth $139.50!

Are you a big fan of Korean makeup products? If you are, good news for you! Popular Korean makeup brand, Vely Vely, is finally here in Singapore! In celebration of their Shopee launch, Shopee has kindly sent us some of their best products for us to test out! Here in our office, the Vanitee Team tried and tested Vely Vely‘s products and here are our thoughts about it:

Staying protected from the sun is imperative, especially when it can go up to 35 degrees in Singapore. With Vely Vely’s Peach Skin Sun Cream, you can fight off the UV rays even while having fun in the sun! If you hate the sticky feeling that other sunscreens give you post-application, fret not – on the contrary, the sunscreen leaves your skin feeling moisturized!

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Just like what its name suggests, Vely Vely’s Peach Skin Sun Cream came in this lovely looking peach squeeze tube that is very light weight and convenient to bring around.

It comes out peachy as well and even though it might seem thick at first, the sun cream has a watery-texture that spreads and blends easily. But you do need to wait awhile for it to settle in because of it can be quite wet.

This sun cream provides you with a good brightening effect to your face and even a peachy glow! This is definitely suitable for someone who wants to conceal any darkness and dullness.

P/S Did you know that the protection from your sunscreen is determined by the number of ‘+’s? This one is rated PA++++, so you can be sure that it packs a punch!

If you’re tired of having to meituxiuxiu all your photos before posting them, why not try out their Photoshop Primer? It promises to blur your pores, fine lines and any flaws you might have on your face – yes, just like Photoshop.

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First, we got to say that we absolutely ADORE the packaging of this product. It’s sleek, simple and sophisticated.

True to its packaging, their Photoshop Primer comes out as a pretty pink-purple gel. After applying, we noticed that our skin became much smoother. Rather than being a mattifying primer, this is more hydrating, but still blurs out your pores and gives you a good base for your foundation.

Plus, it comes in a pump bottle (thank you!).

Water-based compacts have been taking over the market, but what makes the Choc Choc Water Cushion Blush stand out from the crowd is the cooling sensation upon application. It is almost as though you’re putting on ice packs!

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No bigger than your palm, it is very handy to bring this around!

This was in the shade Peach Orange.

Just like what its name says, this blush gives you the choc choc look, which is a very subtle and naturally glowing blush. You can always build up the intensity by adding more layers. This would be great for people looking for the sheer looking blush!

Vely Vely’s Sliding Butter Crayon Lipstick is also a game changer: the lipstick comes with a built-in blender for you to achieve that effortless gradient lip. No more frustrated fingertip blending and wondering why it just isn’t working!

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This was in the shade Apricot Butter, a peach-coral tone. Application was smooth and the colour payoff was good as well. You just need awhile to get used to using the sponge tip to create the gradient lips effect though. Overall, this product is moisturizing and comes in very wearable shades.

Did you know that all the colours mix well with each other? You could even combine two colours during application to spice up your look!

If you can’t leave the house without making sure your brows are on point first, why not check out the Microfiber Brow Pencil? The 1.5mm microfiber tip ensures that application will be precise, and you will not end up with terribly bushy brows.

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Very light and thin packaging – good for quick touch-ups on the go!

This shade Ginger, is red-brownish that is highly suitable for those with warm hair colours. It’s very sharp tip provides you to draw your eyebrows more precisely and easily. But do remember to warm the product up by drawing a few strokes on your forehand first, or else the product would come out too heavy-handed!

Giveaway Time!

Here’s how you stand a chance to win Vely Vely’s Vely Glam box that contains 5 products (Vely Vely Waterfall Sun Essence, Vely Vely Aura Pearl Base, Vely Vely Choc Choc Water Cushion Blusher, Vely Vely Water Tint & Lip Pumping and Vely Vely EXTRA Thin Long-Lasting Pen Liner)

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