Want Bigger Eyes? Try Bottom Eyelash Extensions!

Image from: https://xdslookbook.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/tsubasa-masuwaka.jpg

Highly popularized by the Japanese singer Tsubasa Masukawa, bottom eyelash extensions is quintessential to getting your lash game right! Having lash extensions on the bottom of your eyes help to balance out and compliment your upper lashes. Results? You get to achieve a doll-like effect, having more lashes that fan out from your eyes, thus making your eyes look bigger and brighter!

If you haven’t thought of getting bottom eyelash extensions, here are some of our Vanitee artists you should definitely check out:

(Done by: kimieilash on Vanitee)

Just by adding 10-15 on your bottom lashes can greatly change how your eyes appear! Plus, you would no longer need to painstakingly apply mascara on your non-existent bottom lashes. Kimieilash provides bottom lash extensions at $30!

(Done by: deardorbeauty on Vanitee)

The average application time for bottom lashes is about 15-30 minutes, which considerably lesser compared to upper-eyelash extensions. You could always book a quick appointment with deardorbeauty in the middle of your lunch break to jazz up your look!

Bottom eyelash extensions is the doorway to achieving bigger eyes!

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