Watch How These 5 Influencers Transformed with Semi Permanent Makeup

National day is just around the corner and in celebration of Singapore’s 52nd birthday, Vanitee has decided to reach out to 5 beauty ambassadors and let them pick a type of semi-permanent makeup of their choice. Here’s what happened:

First up, Brenda tried out 5D Camellia Eyelash Extension (worth $118) done by Tinasbeauty.

Brenda mentioned that she has ultra sensitive eyes, which get irritated easily by foreign objects. Tina took special care to clean her eyes thoroughly, and used only premium quality tools suitable for sensitive eyes.


Brenda: (5 / 5)

Tina’s salon is cozy and comfortable, I could relax throughout my entire session knowing she’d do a good job! I love my new lashes, they’re super fluttery and beautiful!

Tina was very professional, taking the time to explain her tools and lashes used on me. She took the time to take care of my ultra sensitive eyes and made sure I felt comfortable at all times.

I’ll definitely book Tina again through Vanitee!

For Chelsea, she decided to go with Eyebrow Microblading provided by taniaruslibeauty.

Chelsea had an unpleasant eyebrow embroidery experience a few years back with harsh looking and uneven brows. As a former professional make up artist, Tania shaped her brows perfectly, and included micro powder in the embroidery process to make Chelsea‘s brows look more natural.

Chelsea: (5 / 5)

The room was very comfy and pretty. The air con wasn’t too hot or too cold so it felt really shiok!!
She did apply numbing cream on my eyebrows and some areas I couldn’t feel a thing whereas some areas hurt a little. But it’s nothing I couldn’t handle. I was so tired when I went for the eyebrow embroidery and it was so comfortable I think I almost fell asleep at one point. I love my eyebrows now ! Before it scabbed I was so afraid it would turn out too dark but it came out just nice !

I find that Tania is very open, when I first reached her house before the crew came she and I talked non-stop and I really enjoyed the conversation! She’s very cute !

On the other hand, the lovely Cheryl chose to do eyeliner embroidery(worth $288) provided by luckylashbrow.

Cheryl has single eyelids and a unique eye shape that only suited one particular shape of eyeliner, which very few artists could deliver.

Cheryl: (5 / 5)

Valerie was very experienced and knew exactly what she was doing! She made sure that I was comfortable all the time and made my experience there very enjoyable.

“No MUAs has ever correctly drawn my eyeliner in the shape that I want.” – Cheryl
True to her skills, Valerie worked around the odds, and delivered an eyeliner shape that suited to Cheryl’s needs!

Never too shy to stand out; Dawn went ahead with lip embroidery “Baby Lips” full colour creation (worth $588) done by permanentbeautysg.

Dawn was concerned about scabbing and swelling, and was worried about the downtime needed for her lips to heal after the process. However, Elena was so skilled and professional with her touch that there was NO BLOOD at all during the whole process. She also provided Dawn with a special after care balm, to help her lips heal nicely and quickly.


Dawn: (5 / 5)

Elena is a very warm, pleasant and reassuring therapist. She was very attentive in perfecting the outline of my lips. The treatment was relatively painless; especially after the numbing cream, I could barely feel anything. Elena is able to do the lip embroidery without any bleeding which I thought was amazing and a definite big plus! I simply had to relax and fall asleep to the music playing while she worked on my lips. Afterwards, she carefully explained the aftercare steps and gave me some tubes of special lip balm. My lips were a bit swollen and intensely colored immediately after, but I could still go out and eat as per normal. A few days of peeling later, I have naturally rosy lips 24/7. Imagine how much a girl can save on lipstick now!

Remember our “How does Semi-permanent BB cream Works” article? Here’s what Vonne got to say about it:

Vonne has concerns over her red and sensitive skin that prevents her from achieving a naturally glowing healthy skin. Anna ensured that she informed Vonne about the results of the procedure and Vonne gave the green light to it. Using microneedles, Anna rolled it over Vonne‘s skin that was covered with BB cream ampoule.

Vonne: (5 / 5)

Interesting experience, latest in-thing in the beauty world!

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