Waxing vs. Threading: What’s the Best Way to Shape Your Brows?


Much like Coke vs. Pepsi, there’s the age old debate when it comes to taming your brows: is it better to wax them or to thread them?

Turns out, it all boils down to a matter of preference, what you are comfortable with, and what suits your skin most. Read on to find out if waxing or threading is better for you!

You should wax if…


  • You have a lower tolerance for pain. Waxing is generally faster and less painful than threading. There’s no risk of your skin getting pinched and your eyes water less, making it the ideal hair removal method if you’re less tolerant to pain. There might be some redness afterwards, but that is to be expected.
  • You have coarser hair. Waxing tends to give a long period between regrowth, making it the way to go if you have thicker hair that grows back quickly. Not to mention, waxing also encourages softer and finer regrowth.
  • Your hair grows downwards. Some people have hair in the middle of the brow that grows in a downward direction. In threading, some of them might get pulled out by accident, resulting in an unwanted bald spot.
  • You want sharp and clean lines. Most estheticians use a small wooden spatula to apply the wax and shape a defined arch. If you have fluffy brows, waxing is also a great way to get more coverage.

Done by: EO Beauty Work

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You should thread if…


  • You have sensitive skin. Since threading doesn’t involve any chemicals such as parabens or dyes that might be in salon wax, there’s no risk of your skin having an allergic reaction. Any redness also tend to go down faster, as there is less skin contact in threading.
  • You are using retinoids. Products with retinols make the skin more delicate. Since threading involves less tugging and also does not remove the uppermost layer of the skin, there’s less risk of any unwanted skin damage.
  • You want a more natural finish. Since estheticians are working with individual hairs and less hairs are being targeted, threading allows for very detailed precision. It might hurt like hell, but threading advocates will tell you that the pain is so worth it.
  • You want to go for faster touch ups. Threading can pull out the shortest and finest of hairs. Since the minimum hair length for threading is shorter than it is for waxing, you can thread hairs faster than you can wax them!

Done by: Becca’s Beautique

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