Wear Water In Your Nails With These Manicure Trends

Before mermaid nails, cat eye nails and bracelet nails, we had water globe nails. This over-the-top trend has been around for quite awhile now but it has not taken off well, and for good reason. Water globe nails are not for everyone, as the protruding water globes is likely to prove to be rather impractical!

These short clips of water, charms and glitter swirling in tiny globes are extremely mesmerising to watch! We’ve also spotted our Vanitee artists coming up with heart-shaped Water Globe manicures.

Heart shape water globe with laces#miwasg #sgnails #miwacheries #lacenails #waterglobenails

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Done by: @miwacheries on Vanitee

Done by: @nailsit on Vanitee

Aquarium nails, an equally mesmerising variation of Water Globe Nails, also includes water and glitter into nail extensions to literally create an aquarium on nails.

Trying to make #mermaid theme #aquanails 🐚🐙🐋🐠 ° ° #aquariumnails #mermaidnails

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Aquarium nail art. #fishtanknails #aquariumnails #sunshinenailsva #nails#fun

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✨THROWBACK✨ it's been a while since I've done any Aquarium nails.. Someone come have some please 🙋🏼💖 #aquariumnails

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A more extreme version of mermaid nails, if having seashells on your fingertips are not enough. No better way to show your love for the sea than by wearing some water around!

We love this creative take on aquarium nails!

Feeling inspired? Check out more nail art on Vanitee now!


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