Weekend Recharge Indulgences!

Are you feeling tired and worn out from the past few days of work? No worries, we got you covered! It is important to spoil ourselves once in a while with some indulgences in order to be recharged for the following days ahead!

Swedish massage, also known as relaxing massage, is the perfect solution if you are currently experiencing stiff shoulders from all the stress that has accumulated. Swedish massage uses five main techniques; stroking and gliding, kneading, rubbing, pounding and shaking.

In order to further enhance this therapeutic experience, Swedish massage makes use of essential oils and lotions in order to improve your well-being.

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For a detoxifying and relaxing full Swedish massage experience, check out sothyspremiumsalon who provides Swedish massage for as long as 1 hour!

(Do note that you are required to be fully undressed during a Swedish massage due to its extensive use of essential oils and lotions!)

While normal relaxation massage is for enjoyment, recharge deep tissue massage works for specific bodily problems you are facing.

Recharge deep tissue massage is very different as it serves targeted health issues such as re-alignment of muscles tissues, improvement of joint mobility and proper function.

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Therefore, recharge deep tissue can even be risky, unpleasant and difficult for some. More precise tools such as knuckles and elbows are used by therapists in order to sink through larger muscles.

Throughout your entire recharge deep tissue massage session, the therapist works with deeper
layers of the body by sinking through layers.

Even though it might be painful, it would be worth it if you could solve or alleviate your bodily problems through this customized recharge deep tissue massage that leaves you feeling renewed, lifted and relaxed!

Moxa body therapy is essentially Moxibustion therapy, which literally means the burning of moxa. It is a therapy that can prevent and treat diseases with heat stimulation on acupoints or related parts of the body.

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Image from: https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1qbcDJFXXXXbuXVXXq6xXFXXX1/54pcs-26-19mm-Moxibustion-Moxa-Roll-font-b-Tube-b-font-Acupuncture-Massage-for-Slimming-Body.jpg

Moxa is a plant used in traditional massage therapy and known for its special aroma, bitter and pungent flavor and warm nature. It is good for those seeking to:

  • Dispel cold
  • Supporting Yang to Strengthen the Original Qi
  • Prevent disease and maintain health

Check out doulasyahirah if you are interested in Moxa Body Therapy!

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Need to regain your shiny and glowy skin again? Why not consider this watershine covered BB Glow treatment provided by starrybeaute! This treatment brightens up the skin tone and helps to achieve glossy skin by using skin color pigment which contains stem cell culture ingredients.

There is no pain, no redness and downtime at all, so you can strut out to the streets and flaunt your new skin confidently.

Weekends are not only the time for fun, it is also an important period for you to relax and recharge yourself and brace for many more challenges ahead!

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