What does your pimples says about your health?

What your pimples are trying to tell you about your health

What does your pimples says about your health?

There are many products out there aimed at banishing pimples, but getting rid of them isn’t always as straightforward as using a spot treatment or switching up your skincare routine. Since acne can be caused by internal issues such as hormones, diet, stress, or the internal organs, skincare alone might not target the root problem.


According to Ayurvedic principles, breaking out in one area over another could provide clues about its underlying causes. Are you constantly breaking out on your chin? Or perhaps the forehead? Let’s find out what could be the cause.


Blemishes here are linked to the digestive system and could mean that your body has troubles breaking down certain foods. Try to up your water intake to flush out toxins and try an elimination diet.

It could also occur if you’re going through a particularly stressful period or have an irregular sleep schedule.

Done by: Skinz Heritage

Besides identifying the underlying issue, a purifying facial such as Skinz Heritage’s Anti Bacteria Treatment will do wonders in reducing unevenness and redness. Make your appointment here!



The area between the brows is linked to the liver, so if you’ve had one too many drinks, the alcohol could be the reason for the pimples. It could also mean that you are consuming too much dairy or greasy food, so try to regulate your diet.


Since the nose is linked to the heart, blemishes here could indicate that you need to incorporate more exercise into your daily life, or that you’re worrying too much. You could also be consuming too much meat, so try to replace them with healthy fats like nuts, salmon and avocados.

The pores here are also more dilated, so keep your makeup tools clean and stick to non-comedogenic products.

Done by: Gladys Atelier

Apart from making changes to your lifestyle and cleaning your makeup tools, consider Gladys Atelier’s Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment to extract any pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Make your appointment here!


Breaking out here may indicate that you’re not getting enough fresh air, since the cheeks are linked to the lungs. Perhaps you spend too much time in the city, where the air indoors can sometimes be just as bad as outdoors. Consider adding plants that purify the air such as Peace Lily, Ficus and Spider Plant at home.

If you’re smoker, the cigarettes could very well be the issue behind your skin woes! Or maybe you press your phone to your cheek when you talk, so it’s a good idea to clean your phone with antibacterial wipes.

Done by: Lavish Beauty

As an expert at dealing with problematic skin, Lavish Beauty’s Purifying Facial will help to eliminate acne-causing pollutants from the outside in. Make your appointment here.



Breaking out on your chin or jaw could mean that your hormones are out of whack. Do the spots show up around your time of the month? Change up your skincare a week before your period with acne-fighting ingredients such as tea tree oil or salicylic acid. If the situation is very bad, consult your dermatologist on prescription treatment.

To complement your prescription or skincare treatment, consider Beautyforyears’ Oxy-spray Facial which not only decongests your skin but hydro soothes any redness, perfect for when your skin is being especially problematic. Make your appointment here!

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