What massage suits you the best – What is your massage personality?

With the many available massage options out there, it can be rather difficult to decide what massage service you should go for. Based on your body’s needs and personality, here’s a guide that can help you understand what type of massage service suits you the most:

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Are you always stretching your arms to relax your shoulders, or having to roll your head in order to release the tension in your neck? Deep tissue massage may be what you are looking. Deep tissue massage works specifically on a targeted group of muscles in your body by using firm and grain pressure to help your muscles release and relax.

If you’ve been too caught up with work recently, definitely to treat yourself with a deep tissue massage to untie all those knots that have been keeping you up these days.

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If you are shy and apprehensive about having to undress yourself in front of a masseur, you can always opt for reflexology to bring overall relaxation to your body. Not only does it help your internal organs and their system into a state of optimum functioning and increase blood supply, reflexology also relieves stress, insomnia and headaches.

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Do you always feel sharp pain and sore due to constant exercising and sports routine? While a sports massage would be address your specific body injuries, a lifting aroma full body massage by skinzheritage would help ease your mind and bodyThis is absolutely essential for you to get 100% ready for your next sports challenge!

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For those who always have been working non-stop, do fork out some time and go for a relaxing and nourishing full body Swedish massage. Swedish massage uses techniques that combine long, relaxing and soothing strokes combined with gentle kneading motions and pressure for the ideal combination to relieve stress and achieve a centered calmness!

P/S: Do note that you will need to be fully undressed during a Swedish massage!

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