What Your Nail Polish Colour Reveals About You

There are reasons why you gravitate towards certain colours – your nail polish colour shows what kind of a person you are and how you are feeling at the moment. After all, nail polish colours are one of the first few things we notice about someone.

Red is hard to ignore, hard to resist and hard to look away from. Wearing red exudes confidence, glamour and sexiness for the atta girls out there.

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Nothing beats this classic hue, especially when you’re feeling on top of the world.

If you chose yellow, you are likely to be a highly optimistic person. This cheery colour is definitely able to lift spirits up and give your life a POP.

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Not only is it the first colour the human eye notices, it also evokes happiness and energy!

The opposite of red, green colour represents safety and healing. Green is often a soothing colour to our eyes and gives off positive vibes, just like how the great wide nature is a luscious green colour.

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So don’t be surprised nor afraid to show off this colour.

Just like the vast ocean, blue is able to wash off worries and hide away insecurities. Blue is for those with great stability and depths – calm and always moving at their own pace.

(Done by: 2kgnails on Vanitee)

If you’re someone who is able to stay calm no matter, blue is your spirit colour.

How can we not talk about pink when it comes to nail polish colour? This girly and flirty colour reminds us of a young and dreamy girl waiting for her first date.

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(Done by: melvividnails on Vanitee)

There’s nothing wrong with having a fairy tale romance, right?

(Done by: belle&co on Vanitee)

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Black is for the strong and powerful woman out there who isn’t afraid to be a show-stopper. This cut-throat and edgy colour can also speak high prestige when embellished with gold and silver glitters.

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