What’s LED Light Therapy and Do They Work?

Have you ever come across these people wearing these serial killer-looking masks on your Facebook or Instagram feed and wondered, “What are these?!” If you’ve been following famous celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian, Jessica Alba and Katie Price, you’ll know that they have all donned this strange looking mask that glows in the dark in luminous colours… just like a LED light.


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These are actually LED light therapy treatments to improve their skin conditions! But do they really work? Before we jump to any conclusions, let’s understand how it works first:

There are many different LED facials available in the market, but there are mainly 2 types of LED lights used for treatment: Blue or Red.

Basically, LED skin therapy uses different light colours that trigger different types of skin reactions beneath the epidermis, penetrating the skin at differing depths.

Blue light is used to kill bacteria that causes acne, and reducing blackheads and whiteheads.

Red light is used to speed up the skin’s healing process by stimulating collagen production, while shrinking enlarged pores and tightening skin at the same time.

Not at all! LED light therapy are absolutely painless, non-invasive and no downtown is required. LED light treatment is perfect for those looking for alternatives to Botox and injectables.

As Janice Fion, our model, has uneven skin tone and seeks to calm her skin down from her daily makeup routine, green light was the most suitable choice for her. Green light has a calming effect and anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce hyper-pigmentation.

Instead of a mask, sensedbelle provides LED light therapy in the form of a LED “umbrella” that ensures that every inch of your skin will be basked in this green light goodness!

The LED “umbrella” is made up of countless of highly concentrated light bulbs that will light up your face in green.

Protective googles will be given to block out the green lights coming through and protect your eyes from any harm.


AfterI’m not sure about you, but I’m green with envy with the results achieved! Her skin looks significantly brighter and acne scars have reduced after just one treatment.

Why not try giving this unique LED light therapy the green light and book an appointment with sensedebelle now! Afterall, this special care treatment can be customized to your skin needs and require no downtime at all.

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