Whitening Facials that Will Help you Look as Fair as your Korean Idols

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? In the fairytales, it’s Snow White for sure, but in reality, it could actually be Koreans! With their obsession with having porcelain white skin, it’s no wonder Korean stars have to keep up with that image too. I mean just look at all your favourite Korean idols with their ivory skin. Take the natural beauty Korean star, Yoona as an example, don’t you just wish your skin was as fair as hers too?

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Fret not because here at Vanitee, we have a list of whitening facial services for you to pick to get that fair skin you’ve always longed for! Here are our top picks:

Done by: Skinz Heritage

Think you’ll look better if you were just a few shades lighter? Well, Skinz Heritage has just the right facial treatment for you to do just that! Their Glowskin White Treatment makes use of snail enzymes, which is a popular ingredient in Korean makeup and skincare, helps to regenerate skin cells and replenish moisture in your skin. On top of that, it also helps to even out your skin tone by removing pigmentations and acne scars to get that clear fair skin you desire! Check it out here.

Done by: starrybeaute

For that fair dewy skin that all Korean stars have, you can opt for starrybeaute‘s Korea Watershine BB Glow Treatment! It not only lightens your skin colour, it also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, which will get you looking radiant in an instant. If you’re interested, you can click over here to book! If you have a more sensitive skin, you can go for a more affordable option of whitening, which is their Miracle Whitening Moz with LED Light Treatment which also helps to remove dead skin, improve your acne and replenish hydration on your skin.

Done by: lavishbeauty

If you are thinking of having your skin lightened without having to put foundation every day, lavishbeauty has that solution for you! Their Korean BB White Foundation Treatment will do just the trick as it’ll give you that flawless glowing skin. They are using the latest Korea Stamp Chip System with nano-size pearl powder to give your skin that healthy glow. Book here now!

Done by: newuaesthetics

Using laser skin whitening facial, newuaesthetics will ensure that your skin is rejuvenated by removing dark spots and encouraging new skin cells to grow. Furthermore, you will also get a more even and fairer skin tone with this whitening treatment.   For more details, click here.

To get more options on whitening treatments, check out Vanitee’s list of facial treatments that will get you looking like a Korean star.

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