Why Low PH Cleansers Are Good For You

If you think your skin’s in a bad place and haven’t yet been able to narrow down on a cause for your skin acting up – this article is just for you. It is time to traverse into the world of cleansers and pH! While this is the most basic part of your routine, there’s a high chance you might’ve overlooked it.

pH imbalances on skin materialize in ways that may give the illusion of combination skin. The symptoms of a pH imbalance include excessively dry skin, surges of oil-production, a lack of radiance and breakouts that don’t respond to treatment.

Acids and alkalines are everything, and a crucial part of Asian beauty secrets lie within low-pH cleansers. Here’s why.

The pH Breakdown?

The scale of acidity ranges from 0-14; 0 being most acidic, and 14 being most alkaline. pH 7 is a neutral point, and your skin’s pH should ideally be between 4.5 and 5.5, allowing for a protective barrier called the acid mantle.

The acid mantle performs two key functions, namely keeping the good stuff (water) within your skin, and the bad stuff (germs and other pollutants) out.

To put it simply, keeping your acid mantle intact is key to the health and protection of your skin, so that it does not become overly sensitive.

This is part of the reason why your skin feels especially tight with the use of some pore cleansers – you’re not really keeping your skin squeaky clean. In fact, everything that you put on our skin alters the pH of your face’s protective barrier, even tap water!

Going Too High

Acid’s great to keep the bacteria away, but only in miniscule doses; the very reason why your face’s barrier is called the acid mantle. A pH higher (more alkaline) than what you need can achieve quite the contrary effect, becoming a cesspool for festering bacteria. Soap, is ultimately alkaline by nature, and washing your face excessively can lead to an increase in acne because there’s not enough acid to keep the bacteria away.

While your skin’s pH levels eventually return to normal (in about 90 minutes), it’s proven fact that exposure to varying pH levels have cumulative effects on your skin, meaning it takes longer to retire the next time. It’s this disruption that leads to your use of other products not working as well as you want them to!

What To Avoid

You could take DIY-ing to the next level by purchasing some pH strips and testing your cleansers. You’re going to want to go for a pH5.5 so you don’t mess with your acid mantle.

If you’re not ready to take the dive with a cleanser purchase, perhaps you could test the waters with a Deep Cleansing Facial by Flare Wellness set to restore your skin’s pH levels. There’s an added perk: if you’re a student, you get this for just $30!

Done by: Flare Wellness

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Kick it up a notch with this non-invasive Melting String Lifting Treatment by Skosk Beautique! This treatment will get personal by assessing and treating your skin’s, individual pH needs. At $288, the treatment offers a variety of other benefits for your skin as well.

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