Yayoi Kusama-Inspired Nail Art

Since the Yayoi Kusama exhibit opened in the National Gallery in June, people have been flocking there, be it to admire the art or to take ootds. The exhibit is now over and if you haven’t caught it, why not sport some yayoi-inspired nails instead?


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I’m sure all of us are familiar with this exhibit, what with its ubiquity on Instagram and Facebook. Colourful dots may not look that cohesive on nails but here are some dot-esque nail art you can try!

Done by: @2kgnailsbykim on Vanitee

Dots on every finger may make you feel overwhelmed, which is why I like this set by @2kgnailsbykim ! The muted grey is a good contrast with white, and the gold strip is a subtle elegant touch.

Done by: @couturenail on Vanitee

This nails by @couturenail are really feminine and would be perfect if you have a wedding over the weekend. I particulary appreciate the small jewels at the base of the nail – it will surely look gorgeous when it catches the sun.


With the mirrors, the dots can get a little psychedelic. If this installation was your favourite, check out the nail art I’ve found on Vanitee!


Done by: @thenaildream on Vanitee

Only two dots doesn’t mean that you can’t make a statement with them! @thenaildream has definitely captured my heart with this simple design that isn’t too over the top and still has some edge to it.


Last but not least, the classic infinity mirror shot that everyone rushes to take because of the time limit. This installation brings to mind mirror, magic film and chrome nails – the more reflective the better!

Done by: @lamourcottage on Vanitee

Magic film nails burst onto the scene in July and it’s not hard to see why people love them. The dynamic effect that the film leaves behind on your nail is almost impossible to recreate with polish alone!

Done by: @vivanails on Vanitee chrome

Chrome nails just look so sleek and polished – what’s there not to love? If you’re worried about looking too bling, you can pair the chrome with matte nails as well.


Done by: @nailzcouture on Vanitee

Mirror nails are perhaps the most obvious reflection of Yayoi’s art, and the simple silver and grey colours used means that they can go with pretty much any outfit.

Check out how one of our nail artists (@eileennailssg) drew her version of Yayoi-inspired nail art!

With this list of manicurists who do gorgeous nail art, check out our artists on the Vanitee app today! 

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