You can have Killer Eyelashes without Mascara


For the longest time ever, I tried to love mascaras. I reasoned that without them, my eyelashes would never look good enough. As all mascaras melt and stink my eyes to no ends and leaves my eyelashes dry and rough, however, I lost my battle. Instead, I have been looking alternative ways to lengthen and volumnise my lashes. Let me share them with you!


1. Eyelash growth serum


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To naturally lengthen your eyelash, lash growth serum is a great way to start. Other than products from well-known brands like RevitaLash, you can make your home remedies as well. Possible ingredients include argan oil, coconut oil, caster oil and vitamin E.


2. Fake eyelashes

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Fake eyelashes can transform your lash instantly. You can easily pop on those falsies and take them out at the end of the day.  It comes with a downside though: they don’t look very natural (well, they aren’t called fake eyelashes for nothing >.<). Additionally, you need to clean and store fake eyelashes well due to hygiene reason.


3. Eyelash extension 

Eyelash extension done by @lisalashandnails on Vanitee 

Eyelash extension is one of the most risk-free and pain-free procedures to be done. Extensions can be made from lots of different materials such as human hair, mink hair or synthetic. Using adhesive glue to attach each extension strand to your own lash strand one by one, this method ensures your new eyelashes look as natural as possible.

Eyelashes extension is one of the most sought after services on Vanitee. Check these reviews out from our previous customers:

By Eileen – for the 2D Volume Extension @lisalashandnails

“The whole session was comfortable. No stinging or pain at all. Lisa was very meticulous. Thank you for the recommendation! I love the outcome of the lashes! ☺”

By Cherry – for the 3D Eyelash Extension Touch-up @sparklegaze

“I have very sparse and thin lashes but they managed to put quite a lot of extensions on. The part where the lashes are glued on is not hard and everything feels very soft and non-irritating to the eyes. The beauticians working there are very nice and friendly. They take time to listen to what you want and give you recommendations as well. Overall a very good experience! I’ll be sure to go back for more!”


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