Your Guide To Easy Braided Hairstyles

Try these braided styles for a quick way to jazz up your look the next time you’re in a rush!














Done by: @zinnytheint on Vanitee



Simple and yet, very pretty, the french braid is likely most common braid style right after the three-way braid. This style only takes a maximum of 5 minutes and is the easiest way to duplicate Queen Elsa‘s hairstyle!

The fishtail braid is a slightly more complicated version of the classic french braid, but is also a super fast hairstyle to put your hair together when you’re pressed for time.

Done by: @shuzenmoymua on Vanitee

Done by: @shuzenmoymua on Vanitee

The fishtail braid can even be teased and worn loosely for a more relaxed, casual look as seen on this bride!

This really pretty, Game of Thrones inspired hairstyle is suitable for when you want to make a statement! The crown braid requires more braiding skills as compared to the regular three-way braid and fishtail braid, but is well worth the effort.

Done by: @princessweddingservices on Vanitee

Check out these other crown braids done by our Vanitee artists!



























Done by: @karischiumakeup on Vanitee


If you, like me, don’t enjoy having your fringe fall onto your face and having to push it away all the time, secure your annoying fringe with this very pretty look! This look allows you to hold up your fringe while still letting the rest of your hair down.


Wear your cascading hair down but still pulled away with a waterfall braid! This braid is dressy enough to be worn at weddings and is often a hot favourite among bridesmaids, but will also look appropriate for a casual day out.














Done by: @princessweddingservices on Vanitee


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