Last minute alternative Halloween looks

Alternative Halloween Makeup

Don’t have a costume? No problem. Just break out your makeup kit, hit the craft store and get creative. Here are three dramatic (but totally cool) makeup looks you can pull together at the very last minute.

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1. Guardian of the Galaxy

A Minimalist Look + Glitter + Stickers = Your Very Own Galaxy

Don’t be afraid to go all out with this idea- you have galaxies in you (literally, science says so) so why not show your true self?

Start with your basic everyday makeup then add strategic “splashes” of colourful glitter – any way you like. Your eyes might get lost in all that glitter so apply falsies for balance. Now knock yourself out with star-shaped stickers, add more glitter on glossy lips, and you’re ready to bewitch everyone around you!

2. Comic Book Heroine

Liquid Eyeliner + Eyelashes + Makeup paint = Your Own Superhero

This one is relatively easy to execute, but it can be trickier to pull off. Don’t let that stop you from trying it out, though, our 100% happiness guaranteed, Vanitee-approved makeup artists are on-call to help you out! 😉

Use liquid eyeliner to boldly define your eyebrows, cheeks, jawbones, lips, and nose. Make sure to use bright coloured eye shadows and fake eyelashes (or eyelash extensions!) to balance the intense eyebrows.
For the most important part, apply red or white medium sized dots all over your face for that 50’s printing effect. Then finish it off with your favourite red lipstick and add white eye shadow in a corner for the glossy look.


3. Un-clown Clown

Lighter foundation / white powder + blusher + eyeliner = Your Inner Divadirk WE 03 0074

Clowns are creepy (and therefore sooo Halloween).
Here, we’re giving the scary clown-look a classy makeover. It’s not that weird, we promise! 😉

Make your skin pale by using the lightest shade of foundation or powder then sweep up your favourite blush all over your cheek bones. Colourful smoky eyes will give the clown look but the crucial part is the black tears that drags down the middle of your eyes. You can choose to make your eyebrows real thin or real thick- for a doll like feel. Oh and did we mention eyelash extensions? Try it out and your eyes will be the foxier than ever!

Need help? Or have your own look in mind? You’re just a few clicks away from booking the best beauty artists in Singapore with Vanitee.

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