Bijin Nails


Nail Art, Classic Gel Manicure

"Bijin nails was patient, pleasant, thorough and very generous with her nail coatings. Although relatively new to the manicure industry (about 1 year experience), her skills are good and her handiwork is neat. It was such a refreshing experience for me not to have a manicurist which was more concern with rushing through the service just for the sake of completing job. With Bijin, she really took the time and effort to make sure you were happy with the final work. And no pressurizing of signing on for packages.

Her workspace was quiet and relaxing. Equipment was clean with some Japanese nail magazines to take reference from. Her supplies are mainly from angel pro and she has ornaments if you like to add on. I would recommend you look for her if you are looking for super value for money, nail designs which are classic, and would like to avoid the hustle and bustle of town when getting a manicure this holiday season."