Blush Lash Bugis



Blush Lash uses Korean and Taiwan Technique, eyelashes are meticulously applied one strand at a time, a painless process and prevents natural Lash from dropping.

We have also started out semi permanent embroidery service. From brows to lips to eyeliner.

All our local artists are Taiwan certified lash artist as well as Korea certified brow artist.

Work Experience

8 years


Taiwan Certified Lash Artist


Cancellation Policy

Moderate: Full refund 72 hours prior to appointment.

Service Rules

Please try to be punctual

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the extension damage my natural lash?

No. As the extensions are extended from your own lash. Our application will not affect your lash growth. In fact, most customer feel their lash grow better and stronger with the extension on.

Blush Lash Bugis



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