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Brow & Lash


Creates an even and smooth ibrow line which gives the appearance of beautiful balanced brows

Natural... Look like one by one eyebrows...

6D Eyebrow Enhancement . Lasting more than 2 years! Most natural Eyebrows look!! 1 years guarantee .... Unlimited touch u ...


Eyelash Growth Technology (孕睫术)For Upper + Lower lashes ----💯自体睫毛生长神器‼️ ‼️孕睫术 ...

Korea style Perming Eyelashes

(few in one ) Eyelashes Extension.....

Natural and dimensional look... One by one single hair (first try)


Eyeliner ( outer/inner ) Enhancement... Lasting more than 3years ! 1 time touch up is included! Not any feelings... Comfo ...

Lip Treatment

Lip Embroidery.... Baby Lips Full Colour Creation....! Lasting more than 3 years!! 1 time touch up is included ! Look lik ...



Promotes skin radiance. Results in smooth soft ominous complexion Whitening hydration facial treatments

Dewy BB Brightening Treatment( 驻颜粉底精华) Toss away your foundation and concealer ! Using the MESO method to h ...


1. Skin rejuvenation. 2. Pigmentation therapy 3. Vascular therapy 4. Acne therapy 5. Wrinkle removal



Express Gel mani ( the shape and colour)----not available CNY(18/1/17-27/1/17)


Hair Removal


Permanent hair removal ( Face. Eyebrow. Lip. UnderArm. FullArm. HalfArm. FullLeg. HalfLeg. Toe ) Quick and mostly-pain ...

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