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Face waxing & Lavender/Mint-infused Mask

Face waxing & Lavender/Mint-infused Mask


Duration: 30 minutes

Face waxing thoroughly cleanses the skin by removing a layer of dead skin, enabling it to breathe. It is more thorough than just exfoliating with facial scrub. This method is highly recommended for people who are prone to clogs and getting bumps on skin. Face waxing also evens out skin tone, lightens old pimple marks and removes facial hair and blackheads / whiteheads.

As a result, an instant glow on the skin is achieved. Additionally, Serum and moisturizer penetrates more effectively into skin; foundation applies smoother and lasts longer throughout the day.

MINT-INFUSED MASK to soothe, calm & brighten skin resulting in a glow & cleanliness that can be seen.

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