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EA herbal goodbye acne treatment

- Mendy, 01 Aug 2018

Aqua Marine Facial-

"Facial really energised my skin and the staff were really nice and attentive to my needs! Haven’t been to a facial in the longest time and I’m really pleased with this one."

- Reeta, 01 Aug 2018

Brightening radiance facial

"Was in need of a brightening facial due to constant work commitments resulting in a lack of sleep that was starting to show on my face. Glad i came for this treatment.

Definitely feel refreshing and will recommend people."

- Stella, 01 Aug 2018

EA herbal miracle treatment

"My skin feels significantly clearer after the treatment. Proud to say I’m a satisfied customer of this herbal treatment and I’ll recommend this to my friends too"

- Michelle, 01 Aug 2018

EA herbal goodbye acne treatment

"I've had dealing with acne since awhile ago and have since been looking for a treatment that can at least calm it down. I think its fair to say that this treatment was effectively in preventing further breakouts and i find the treatment quite good in reducing inflammation. Willing to try this out again!"

- Ling Jun, 31 Jul 2018

Pure oxygenating facial

"I can see that my dull skin got significantly brighter after even the first treatment. I'm in fact quite amazed by the results myself. The entire treatment was very relaxing and comfortable too. Will come for another treatment soon and hope to achieve similar great results"

- Li, 31 Jul 2018

Intensive Hyaluronic Facial

"I am very satisfied with this hydrating facial. Staff paid attention to my needs and questions and were very kind with my requests. I don't personally think of myself as a very easy going customers, so the fact that they were very professional in their service throughout really impressed me! I would come down to exbeauty to possibly try out another anti aging facial the next time round."

- Karson, 31 Jul 2018

Medical Dr .Light Treatment

"My first session of Dr light trtment gave me noticeable smoother skin and I am very very glad I chose this treatment. My skin has always been closer to a sensitive one so I'm very picky when it comes to choosing trtments. Likely to come back agn for another session in the near future"

- Lynn, 31 Jul 2018

EA herbal goodbye acne treatment

"I’ve been suffering acne breakouts especially when my period comes. I am reviewing this service one week after my first facial with Exbeauty and I’m currently very satisfied with the results. This herbal acne treatement was able to calm the acne and prevent further breakouts. Will definitely be coming for another session with them"

- Mendy, 31 Jul 2018

EA herbal miracle treatment

"This facial gave me instant and observable results even from the first trial! I am really happy with the results, my skin indeed feels smoother and more radiant than before. Highly recommend this particular"

- Sally, 31 Jul 2018

Pure snow white facial

"My skin feels amazing after the treatment and results are pretty clear. Staff were not only extremely friendly and professional, they also offered great advice on my skin and skincare habits. Looking forward to my future treatments with them beyond this whitening facial"

- Angel, 31 Jul 2018

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