Faith Beaute


Bio-oxy Back Treatment

- Chole, 28 Sep 2018

Deeper Cleansing HF Treatment

"Although home based, but her skills is comparable to retail without the price tag.
When I first entered, she is able to tell me my skin concerns with the look of my face & I know I’m in good hands.
Overall session was calming and relaxing. Most importantly, face looks cleansed enough for a session. Looking forward to have more facials with her. 😊"

- Joanne, 24 Sep 2018

Essential Hydrating Treatment

"A comfortable and enjoyable facial experience."

- Jasline, 08 Sep 2018

Bio-oxy Treatment

"I had an amazing experience at Faith Beaute today!! I don’t usually go for facials because I feel insecure about my skin condition - my skin is very sensitive and not many beauticians handle my skin well. But Janet made me feel at home, she explained what was best for my skin and how to take care of it, what she would do to help, and I was extremely pleased with the treatment and the results. I felt relaxed throughout. I will def come for more sessions in the future!!"

- Ashikin, 26 Aug 2018

Essential Acne Treatment

"Janet is an extremely friendly and welcoming lady! Felt comfortable and at ease throughout the facial process. Would definitely recommend her services to the ladies around me :)"

- Ivy, 26 Aug 2018

Bridal Bliss Back Treatment

"Treatment was very relaxed and comfy. She’s very detailed in explaining the steps and products used :) Good experience."

- Charlene, 21 Aug 2018

Bio-oxy Treatment

- Ashlett, 12 Aug 2018

Anti-fatigue Eye Treatment

"very friendly and understanding, so easy to communicate with and not awkward at all! thank you so much for constantly checking if i was comfortable ☺️"

- Ashlett, 10 Aug 2018

Bio-oxy Back Treatment

"Great service provided and the whole treatment is very comfortable! :D"

- Clarissa, 03 Aug 2018

Essential Hydrating Treatment

- Chole, 23 Jul 2018

Essential Hydrating Treatment

- Melissa, 18 Jul 2018

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