Makeup Class (personal one to one )

Makeup Class (personal one to one )


Duration: 180 minutes

This course is to upgrade personal image ,how we apply correct makeup in different occasion. This make up class is three hour class.

First hour -we will talk about your skin tone and condition, face shape ,contouring ,and learn to trim your own eyebrow.

Second and third hour-we will start practice makeup for day and night makeup.
How to apply foundation?
How to apply contouring?
How to apply eyeliner?
How to apply blusher?
How to apply lipstick?
How to draw eyebrow?
How to apply false lashes?
I will demo half face,and you will practice another half face.

*Makeup tools and makeup is provided during the class.
*Encourage you bring along your makeup ,to learn and know better how to apply with your own makeup.(optional)
*Classes will be at 405C fernvale lane.

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