Gamsa Birth


Full Leg, Underarm

"This is the first time I am waxing my leg and I appreciate how sya have explained about the type of wax there is and also her work.

She is very detailed, friendly and caring to the customer. It was literally painless throughout the whole process and we were chatting. she provided me great insight about child birth,massage and how essential it is.

I will highly recommend all mommy and mommy's to be to look for her as she uses traditional well to bring you back to your youthful figures. I look forward to see her work and expansion in business. thank you sya"

- Jeremy Hellven, 07 Jul 2018

Full Body Massage

"She was very friendly and let me book her in last mins. The body massage was very comfortable. It would have been better if she could provide more like a spa atmosphere with herbal tea, aroma, warm towel etc."

- Kanna, 30 Mar 2018

Pre-natal Massage, Moxa Body Therapy, Rose Infused Body Scrub

"Syahirah was professional and made me feel very comfortable throughout the session. The massage was very relaxing and targeted at the right points."

- Nur Fadilah, 25 Dec 2017

Pre-natal Massage, Herbal Ball (tungku) add on, Rose Infused Body Scrub

- Briony, 24 Dec 2017

Pre-natal Massage, Herbal Ball (tungku) add on, Rose Infused Body Scrub

- Amelia, 28 Nov 2017

Full Body Massage

"Great experience. Highly recommended"

- Gayathiri, 23 Jul 2017

Moxa Body Therapy

"Awesome experience."

- Gayathiri, 23 Jul 2017

Pre-natal Massage

- Roseanne, 06 May 2017

Pre-natal Massage

- Roseanne, 12 Mar 2017

90 mins Full Body Massage

- Afiqah, 11 Dec 2016

(September Promo 📢) 5-Day Postnatal 💆 Package

- Irma, 11 Dec 2016

90 mins Full Body Massage

"Good Service and the massage was good"

- Korina, 15 Nov 2016

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