Hi! My name is Grace. My love for makeup started when I was 16 and discovered how concealer and foundation could be used to bring out confidence by covering unwanted skin imperfections. I believe that everyone is beautiful and makeup is not just an artistic expression, but also a tool we can use to bring out our natural beauty and make ourselves feel confident. I find great joy in helping others look and feel amazing through my skills! I also enjoy getting creative with colours, and am up for challenges. :)


Work Experience

I have been doing makeup for myself and others as a hobby since I was 17! I later joined MAC for a short stint after I graduated from uni in 2014, to experience life in the makeup industry. Though short, it taught me invaluable lessons and skills as a professional makeup artiste both for everyday looks and fashion. I worked at MAC for 5 months before leaving to pursue a full-time career in the field of my graduate studies. However, I continued my freelance makeup artistry work in my own spare time and I enjoy every minute of it!


During my Uni summer holidays in 2013, I attended Cosmoprof Academy and graduated with a diploma in Bridal, Fashion and Photographic makeup artistry and hairstyling. Since then, I've been actively involved in beautifying people for everything from fashion shoots, newspaper shoot, bridal photoshoots, bridal day makeup, bridesmaids, dinners and formal events. I get my inspiration from beauty artists all over the world on Instagram, runway looks, and I love keeping up-to-date with various cosmetic brands' new releases and trends!


Service Rules

Please come without makeup but cleanse your face and do your own skin care as per usual!

For appointments inclusive of hair styling, do ensure your hair is completely dry before the session.

Do let me know it advance if you have any skin allergies or sensitivities.

Thank you! :)""

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will each session take?
Just makeup: 45min-1hr depending on how elaborate the look requested!

What kind of brands do you use?
Mainly MAC cosmetics! But I also use a bit of Nars, Illamasqua, Lorac, Hourglass, Urban Decay and Kryolan. 💕 For Brushes- I use mainly MAC, Hakuhodo, Zoeva and beauty blender sponges.

Can I request for a particular look?
Sure!! Just share with me your picture inspiration(s) via whatsapp or email, and I would love to see what I can do to incorporate it into your look.

Are hair accessories included?
Well, bobby pins and elastic bands definitely are- but extra decor like flowers or decorative clips will be at your own expense. :) I will purchase them and will show you the receipt to claim the amount. :) (p.s I think flowers in hair for bridal day hairstyle is a super pretty look!) 💐

How often do you sanitize your brushes?
After every makeup session, girl! :) Wouldn't want nasty bacteria on my clients 😇 I use MAC Brush cleaner! Works like a charm.

Are false eyelashes included?
Yes! You can also request to not have them if you feel uncomfortable about wearing falsies.

I have favorite moisturizers/primers/etc that I would prefer you to use. Can you use them instead?
Yup sure! Just let me know the details in advance :)

Feel free to ask me any other questions! :)



Amber Road • Housecall (+$30.00)

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