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Helianthus Nails is a home-based nail salon. Helianthus, which is another name for sunflower, strives to bring smiles whenever you are here/ leaving Helianthus Nails!


Work Experience

1 1/2 year


Diploma in Nail Technology
3rd in flat gel art (student) in Pinkroom Cup 2013
1st in flat gel art (senior) in Pinkroom Cup 2015


3rd in flatgel art (student category) in Pinkroom cup 2013


Service Rules

Be punctual

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the price of nail art designs?
A. Depends on the complexity of designs and if you have any questions, you may wish to chat with me before booking :)

Q. Do you offer normal polish?
A. Sorry, I only offer gel manicure services since it can last longer than normal polishes. So you might want to consider that~

Q. How long can a gel mani last?
A. Usually 3-5 weeks but it also depends on individual's lifestyle. But you might want to remove it after 1 1/2 months due to hygiene purposes. :)

Q. Does applying gel polishes makes my nails 'cannot breathe'?
A. Our nails are made of a protein called keratin. It is not capable of breathing as it is non-living, which explains why there is no pain (or blood) involved when trimming the hair or nails. So technically, applying any kind of coating on the nails has no interference with the body's breathing.

Q. Does gel manicures thin my nails?
A. Over-filing/over buffing of nails before the service does makes the nail thin. That's why it's important to find good manicurists. And of course improper removal like peeling it off makes your nails thin/brittle too.

Helianthus Nails



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