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Clear Hard Gel Sculptured Extension


Classic Gel Manicure, Nail Art

"Vanessa is always able to draw the nail art designs I wanted every time! :)"


Classic Gel Manicure

"Vanessa is very friendly and meticulous.:) she asked me what design I would like and made recommendations based on my preference. She was very patient too and ensured that I am satisfied with my nails before doing the final touch ups. Thumbs up!:)"

-Su Lian

Classic Gel Manicure, Nail Art

"Totally in love with my nails right now. Thank you for your meticulous efforts to do it perfectly according to my request! 😘"


Classic Gel Manicure

"vanessa was very meticulous, she made effort to ensure that every step was done properly, and that i was comfortable and happy with her service. overall, it was an enjoyable experience. looking forward to my next nail session with her, to try out the pretty nail art! :)"