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90min of Personalized Facial Spa

- Jasmine, 05 Oct 2018

Sensitive Skin Repair Treatment

"A comfortable experience. Owner Jing Jing and aesthetician Ivy made me feel at home and I trust my face with their skills. However, I didn’t sign a package with them due to financial issues."

- Minhui, 02 Sep 2018

90min of Personalized Facial Spa

"Very friendly and approachable staffs. My beauty therapist, Ivy, was very meticulous and making sure I’m feeling comfortable throughout the whole session. Looking forward to the next visit :)"

- Jiemin, 01 Sep 2018

Sensitive Skin Repair Treatment

"Very hospitable and skilful facial salon. The lady boss is very knowledgeable and always gave me suitable advice for my skin. My therapist, Ivy was also very knowledgeable and guided me through the entire facial process. She was also very meticulous during the extraction procedure and always checked to make sure that I was still comfortable. Highly recommended!"

- Germaine, 28 Aug 2018

90min of Personalized Facial Spa

"very hospitable and knowledgeable owner. service was very good and she went in-depth to tell me about my skin condition and tips to improve my skin. this place is definitely a gem in the neighbourhood!"

- Jigi, 25 Aug 2018

90min of Personalized Facial Spa

"V hospitable and commendable beauty salon. Treatment rooms were on its own without the fear of privacy invasion and noise. That’s a big plus point. I didn’t take my lunch and the lady boss Jingjing insisted I ate something and offered me a chocolate bread and some tea. Really nice and sweet of her to do so. I upgraded the facial to the oxygen facial as recommended by her and topped up around $100 for promo price. The facial was soothing and comfortable. Extraction was done meticulously by my therapist May and she even managed to rid of my nemesis-an oil seed on my eyelid that was super close to the eye. She was really skilled and tried her best to minimize the pain as I told her i have a low threshold for it. The shoulder, neck and hand massage was really such a gem to have as part of the treatment. Overall, there was a significant improvement in my skin over the next few days. Could see the difference in pimple scars lightening and also brighter skin.
After the treatment, was told about the package of the oxygen facial which I find it abit too costly for my budget. I wouldn’t say it’s hard selling but she was really good with words. I asked to return to try their more affordable treatment and she gladly obliged. Will be returning in two weeks time so we shall see. Overall a rather good experience. Personally touched by their genuineness in the business and relations. Really did a good job there."

- Melissa, 19 Jul 2018

Moles, Tags & Pigmentation

- Nooraishah, 09 Jul 2018

Sensitive Skin Repair Treatment

"my first time at infinite beauty house for facial treatment as my face became really dry, itchy and sensitive lately. in fact, i went for a facial w/ another beauty salon 3 days ago, one that i normally go to. however, i was very disappointed w/ the service provided. my face became super itchy the next two days and not much extractions were done. i was appalled to still see many white heads on my face. i decided to give infinite beauty a try, hoping to salvage my current condition.

i went much earlier than my scheduled appt time as i mistook the timing.
the lady boss was very accomodating to slot me in despite her packed schedule. throughout my session, the therapist attended to me offered very clear knowledge and explained each and every steps taken along the way. the whole session took 3.5hrs - pleasurable and assuring! i'm greatly pleased with her service, thorough extraction which was exactly what i wanted and she was skillful!

i don't know about others but I could literally feel my skin and pores cleansed! (not exaggerating at all)

during payment, my therapist shared about the packages avail but im not one who likes to be restricted by such thing and i was frank about it. both lady boss and my therapist did not attempt to hardsell me and i really appreciated that. i absolutely hate it when the other therapists from previous salons did that, though i know they are just doing their job.

all in all, i would definitely be a returning customer as long as they continue to provide the same awesome experience i had today consistently.

good job infinite beauty! keep it up!"

- Jeann, 07 Jul 2018

90min of Personalized Facial Spa

"Service is good and very details. Will definitely go back again."

- Vinnie , 01 Jul 2018

Sensitive Skin Repair Treatment

"The whole process was really excellent and feels my skin is refreshed after the treatment! Jing jing is very experienced and even knows my skin condition! Thank you and I will come for a visit again some day!"

- Huili, 17 Jun 2018

90min of Personalized Facial Spa

"The whole procedure was really relaxing. Better than what you will expect for the price of $58."

- Annabel, 25 May 2018

90min of Personalized Facial Spa

"First time visit, face felt smooth and pore visibly smaller. Good experience."

- Cindy, 20 May 2018

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